Friday, October 28, 2011

Farm Cat Friday - Stinky Is Stinky No More

Stinky the Farm cat was so named for a very specific reason.
In fact her original name was Threesa as in "three's a crowd" since she was the third cat into the household.

But then she used the litterbox.

THAT is how her name changed to Stinky.
You ALWAYS know when Stinky is in the litterbox.

It's stinky.

Stinky says, "Who me?"

Hard to believe such a cute little cat could leave such an effect upon a household.
But alas, it is true.

Until now!
The publicist was sent something to try to make it smell better when Stinky well, stinks up the place. 

It's called Nose Offense.
She sprayed.
And Stinky's stink ceased to stink!

Maybe her name will have to change again!
No, the publicist won't do that but she will keep the Nose Offense handy so the yurt will not stinky like Stinky!

You can shop for Nose Offense
You can find Nose Offense on Facebook
You can find Nose Offense on Twitter

Oh - we goats NEVER stink!

Disclosure:  the publicist was sent some Nose Offense gratis. Her opinions are her honest opinions and were not impacted by her receipt of the free product. She received no monetary compensation for this post.


  1. i know a few people that i could use that around!

  2. I think we need that in our bathroom! I have a few "stinky's" around this house--none of which is me. ;)

  3. I agree that cats can make some really offensive odors. How can something so sweet smell sooooo bad. Yes, goat poo does not stink.

  4. Sounds like a handy thing to have around with Stinky LOL.

  5. I really really really want a cat. But other members of my household will not agree to let me bring a cat home... for that very reason! The stink. Arugh! Wait until I tell them about this product!

  6. I will have to check it out. My Oreo is sometimes stinky too.

  7. Trust me on this...this stuff WORKS! I have 4 cats in a tiny trailer and no one can smell that they're even here. Even my Mom, lol. I recommended it to my sister too because her house smells of cat pee. She'll need a gallon!

  8. My human says we could use that around here. I think I am insulted!

  9. I'm glad Stinky is less stinky!

  10. That's one stinky kitty. I am amazed how stinky they can be.

  11. Since our litter box is in the walk in closet in our mommy's office, she thinks she needs this stuff. We have no idea what she is talking about.

  12. Your name from a comment on another blog caught my attention because my grandmother's name was Priscilla. Not a name you run into often. Anyway, just stopped by to say hi. Fun blog!

  13. That looks like a wonderful thing to have in a house full cats like we have here. We sure will look into it. Thanks for the info and Stinky, we are so glad you aren't stinky anymore. Take care.


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