Friday, October 21, 2011

Farm Cat Friday - All Boxed In

I want to report that this is not the post I wanted to write!
The publicist is having technical difficulties with photobucket so she could not upload photos so I had to improvise.

It is good I am a clever goat!

You know how cats love boxes, right?
Well this is a story of two cats and a very BIG box.

Sherpa and Harry the Farm cats were checking out a box that the male person left lying around. Silly male person. He should know that if he leaves a box that cats will not be far behind!

This was not just any box - oh no! This was a loooooooooooooooooooong box. 
Harry went in.

Sherpa went on.

This made Harry a bit nervous. He did not want to get squished.

So he rushed out.
But that Harry got to thinking.
He thought that box was a great hide-out.
So when Sherpa went on his way....

Harry went back in. He figured he had a good attack spot in there.

Plus he did look really cute.
Hopefully next week the publicist will have sorted out her problems with photobucket and I can have the Farm cats give you their review of a great new product that takes out the smell of Stinky in the litter box.

She really erm, stinks up the place.


  1. Cats and boxes just never cease to make me laugh!

  2. Poor Stinky! I'm having problems uploading images to's taking forever and keeps freezing part way through!

    Yes cats love their boxes!

  3. We liked the box and the kitty story. We love the boxes too and take turns in them. Harry you do look too cute in there. Take care.

  4. I was hoping for a clown car scenario where all the cats squeezed into the box together and then came out one at a time. This was very cute too!

  5. He sure is cute! I love when cats discover boxes, it is always so funny!

  6. can just feel the excitement in the air,knowing Harry is just waiting to pounce!

  7. That looks like a REALLY fun box!

  8. That is a really cool long box! Harry does look extra cute in there too!

  9. we should all be as easily entertained as a cat with an empty box!


Maaaaaa away....


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