Tuesday, October 25, 2011

AbbyDay - MY Apples. MINE!

It's AbbyDay, the best day of the week. I CANNOT believe the publicist let it slip while she was away. Stupid publicist. I should get TWO days this week because she forgot.

Sarah the goat is really something else!
She thinks she can horn in on MY apples.

Just look at her!
Who does she think she is?

I had to show her who was boss.
As if she shouldn't have know it already.
But she had the nerve to back maaaaa me.
ME! AbbyGoat!


I gave her a gentle nudge.

But she was determined to eat MY apples.
I can ALMOST understand.
Apples are mighty tasty.

But these are MINE, all MINE!
AbbyGoat does not share!

She eventually got the message....
Aaaah, peace. I can eat my apples in peace.



  1. hahahaha....it is tough to share those tasty treats. this is a good example of why goats have horns!

  2. Well as you said they are awful tasty!

  3. The kid goat in the end cracked me up! Hey, you gotta share sometimes, AbbyGoat. Keeps the peace around there!

  4. I know how hard it is to share. We are having a similar problem with our cats. We have put them on a diet and now they are both always anxious to push each other out of the way to eat.

  5. Too cute! They should settle down though. There are plenty of apples to go around!

  6. Abby, you need fence around your spool!

  7. Never a moment's peace when there are apples around, I guess!

  8. Unless you are eating slower than the others or you got way more than they did if they are finished before you. Something doesn't seem fair but we guess since it is AbbyDay you should have more apples and be able to take your time enjoyingthem!

  9. Extra apples on Abby Day!

    I worry when I watch goats eat. They must rush so I just know it can't be good for them.

    Silly goats.


  10. Sheesh! Can't a goat eat her apples on the table in peace? Must be good apples.

  11. Oh, I don't share apples either. They are way too yummy!

  12. Serves you right Abby. That is too cute that your kid came and took some of your apples. But those really are your apples so we can't blame you for complaining. Hope all of you have a great day.


Maaaaaa away....


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