Tuesday, October 11, 2011

AbbyDay - I Will Conquer the New Wood

It's AbbyDay - I now declare it the ONLY day of the week.
So there!

That new wood pile is MINE, all mine!
I let my kids have a taste but that was it.
I just knew that the male person brought it here for ME.

Who else?
A nice wood pile is good for so many things.

Of course it is good for eating.
We goats need our fiber just like you humans.
But it is especially good for cleaning and sharpening a goat's horns.

What? You didn't know that?
Silly humans!

It feels really good.

Nothing like dual purpose locations...


and spa!
Have a happy AbbyDay.
I know I will.


  1. happy abby day! u=i am getting my would delivered on friday. maybe you can come visit!

  2. Whew! At least you aren't head-butting the wood pile!

  3. We did not know that wood was so tasty! We would only use it to sharpen our claws.

  4. Oh,do I see a Queen of the Woodpile challenge coming up?

  5. i believe you're in goat heaven!

  6. A restaurant and spa sounds like a fabulous combination. Another thing wood is good for it heat. We use it to heat our house in the winter.

  7. Well you can't beat eating and doing the spa at the same time.

  8. Oh Abby, you do know how to live the good life. Well done sharpening those horns. Glad we aren't there for you use them on. Hope all have a super day. Take care.

  9. My day at the spa involves me grooming myself... and I have to say, I also taste good!

  10. You really do know how to enjoy a nice wood pile.

  11. We like to rub our faces on the corner of the wall so we think we finally understand you Abby!

    Angel & Isabella

  12. I now have the urge to roll around in a pile of wood!

  13. And we silly humans just burn and waste all that good fun! Imagine that.


Maaaaaa away....


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