Sunday, September 4, 2011

Silly Sunday - Thelma Plays Dead

Silly Thelma the goat!
It was HOT!
Even for us African goats.

She was tired.
She lay down.

She just looked dead.
But she wasn't

She scared the publicist though!
Fortunately she jumped right back up when the publicist called her name.


  1. Yeeks! I hate when that happens!

    September hot is much more than any other month hot.


    (Thanks for the nightshade tip. I did not know that. Scary, the things I do not know.)

  2. Thelma, you shouldn't scare the publicist like that. You do look a tiny bit deaded though. We are so glad you are still amongst the living. Take care and have a super Sunday.

  3. I hate when our animals do that!

    She does look very good at it though. ;)

  4. my old mare used to do that! made me crazy!

  5. Yes, the human occasionally has to yell at the llama to see if he wiggles an ear.

  6. ha ha ha! We Cats enjoy scaring our Mommy the same way!

  7. Sometimes if we are sleeping very soundly, my human POKES us to see if we are okay! I hate that.

  8. Gimli does this here! Scares my lady every time! hee hee

  9. Thelma, that wasn't nice to scare the publicist like that! That photo scared our mommy too!

  10. Thelma- you have to look less flat if you are going to lie down!

  11. I feel the same way about summer!

  12. Oh goodness, it does freak me out when they do that. It was even worse when the llamas did it, with their long necks laid out on the ground. I always came rushing to their aid, only to be regarded with disdain for disturbing their rest!

  13. I used to get just as freaked when my Morgan horse would do that because he just loved to lay on his side. But he'd hold his hooves straight out and it was hard to tell everything was all right so, of course, I'd have to traipse out to the corral to make sure. Maybe you should pin a sign on the side of her pen to make her stop scaring you...

  14. Glad she is okay. That must have been really frightening.


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