Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sarah the Goat is in JAIL!

It's true!

She was a very baaaaad goat!

Maybe I should explain the jail first. This is a crate that the publicist uses for the kids when they sleep at night so she can milk the does in the morning. She puts the kids in it to sleep when get to be about a month old. That way they don't drink all of their nanny's milk at night. They still get to drink it during the day.

Anyway Sarah the goat is now sharing her pen with Nora the goat. She is not happy about this and she started to butt Nora. VERY HARD!

The publicist was NOT happy about this so when treat time came Sarah the goat went into the crate/jail.

She was NOT a happy goat.
She did not get a treat.
She is learning that if she butts Nora she does not get a treat.

Jail is teaching Sarah the goat to be a better goat.
After treat time Sarah goes back to her pen for the night.


  1. Sarah, no ifs, ands or butts for you!

  2. oooo! Naughty goat! I don't think my lady has a crate big enough for me so I can be naughty.... er..... maybe I shouldn't test that theory!

  3. Sarah,that was not nice of you to butt Nora. Our goat here learned that lesson big time. She is a bad goat about butting so her two friends moved to Charleston and left her with the donkeys. So you had better watch your step Sarah. Take care.

  4. oh no...that is one very unhappy goat look!

  5. I am thinking she's going to learn real fast!

  6. Don't tell my human about goat jail. I don't want you to give her any ideas.

  7. Uh-oh, Sarah is getting Time Outs!

  8. Sarah, we hope you learned not to butt Nora again! Not even when the publicist isn't looking! Shame on you!

  9. Does she have a lawyer? Will she go o trial? oh my. I wonder what her chances would be w/ a good jury.


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