Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Publicist Has the BEST Friends!

It's true!
Why do I say this?
Just look!

What is that you ask?
It's a HUGE pile of corn stalks!
Actually it's not nearly as huge as it was when it first arrived.
The publicist's friend and her husband brought them over especially for us goats.
We have been eating them

Corn stalks.

You know what else is in that pile?

Yummy, delicious, tasty, cabbage!
We LOVE cabbage!

Just ask AbbyGoat.


  1. wow! you better be nice to your publicist, because obviously folks like her!!!

  2. My goats said they would be right over! :O)

  3. YUM!

    Well, for goats, I guess.

  4. My neighbor brought me some cabbage too -- a huge green one and an even huger purple one! Yay for coleslaw!

  5. What a great feast from friends! Hope everygoat gets their share!

  6. I wish someone would show up at MY door with a pile like that - only of salmon instead of corn stalks!

  7. hee goats are gonna sleep tonight with full tummies!

  8. I have had bad luck with products from -Udderly Natural Goats Milk Soap(in Superior)!!! =(...but ur stuff is wonderful and i cannot wait to buy more. The soap i bought for you at the Farmer's market was mild on my daughter's skin and did not worsen her eczema (as i know there is No cure for it...just trying to mantain it)...So thanks for the GREAT and best product in Superior!!! Kudos..and the stickers for the kiddos r always a plus!♥


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