Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Male Person Tries to Make up for the Lack of Husks

I think the male person was trying to make up for the paucity of corn husks.
That or he is trying to get the boys to like him.

They don't you know.
They only like the publicist.

He went over and tried to feed them through the fence.

I watched with great interest. I wondered if I would get any of these husks.
But, alas. It was not to be. They were all for the boys that day.

Luke the goat is no fool and food is food no matter who is giving it to you.

But Buster Brown was not so sure. He had never seen these things called "corn husks' before. Combine that with this strange male person feeding them to him and he was suspicious.

Silly Buster Brown!


  1. I agree. Food is food no matter who is feeding it. I think Buster should feel safe if he just stays close to Luke. I hope he did at least get brave enough to try them.

  2. i'm usually one to throw caution to the wind if food is involved... :)

  3. All I can say is that paucity is a big word for a goat.

  4. Buster, we think YOU think like a Cat!

  5. A smart goat will eat what's offered and keep their eye on the food in hand -- never mind the carrier. Other goats could take advantage if you're not fast on your feed! Come visit when you can.

  6. I'm betting the allure of the corn husks eventually won out!

  7. Was Buster told never to accept husks from strangers?

  8. awwww.....the poor male person. he is such a nice guy. maybe his shirt was making them see red!

  9. We bet once Buster tastes those corn husks he'll like the male person much more!

  10. Buster you really are so cute. Better safe than sorry, Good boy. Sorry Pricilla you didn't get any that go around. Maybe next time.

  11. Buster is no push-over. He knows he's being schmoozed.


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