Friday, September 16, 2011

Farm Cat Friday - Who is Stalking Whom?

As you all know Sherpa the Farm cat spends a good part of his day outside running around and exploring the Farm.

Sometimes he just likes to sit and think.
I wonder what a Farm cat thinks about?
Perhaps about finding mice and stalking chickens.
What do you think?

But one day I saw this

And I had to wonder - who was stalking whom?
Is the chicken about to make a meal out of Sherpa?

Noooo, that would never happen but it was funny!
But I do think that a rooster gave Sherpa a good "crowing to" because Sherpa gives the chickens a very wide berth. He does not go near them.

Smart cat, that Sherpa!


  1. My cats chase the resident Pheasant.. Phreddie makes very rude noises as he runs away!

  2. We think Sherpa is just trying to lull those chickens into a false sense of security! We know he isn't really intimidated by them or anything.

  3. Chickens are yummy! But they are pretty big and kinda mean looking before the humans come along and make 'em into pieces.

  4. Good idea, Sherpa. Chickens might try to peck your eyeballs!

  5. Those chickens do rule the roost! The cats here avoid the human's birds too.

  6. Sherpa, we think that is very smart of you to take a wide berth around those pecking chickens. One of these days, you will fool them. Hope all of you have a super weekend.


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