Friday, September 2, 2011

Farm Cat Friday - Sherpa Rules the Wheelbarrow?!

That Sherpa the Farm cat!
He is something else. He loves to wander around the Farm checking to see that all is A-OK.
I suppose it is easier to do from a perch on high but....

...from the WHEELBARROW?!
Just what is that silly cat thinking?

I have no idea!

He does look rather comfortable though, doesn't he?

OK, OK! Sherpa claims he is using his superior cat vision to monitor the Farm.

Hey, no need to get fierce with me buddy. I'll sick AbbyGoat on you!
Just remember, we goats have butting powers...

The publicist has given me a little reminder that all the animals on the Happy Goats Farm are to get along. She has said that I need to behave. Sherpa too.

Anyway...Sherpa rested there for quite some time; maybe he was dreaming of chicken dinner.

Then he stretched and disappeared into the tall grass.
Good riddance. Have a nice day, Sherpa!


  1. Oh! Hee hee. That was a tricky thing Sherpa did! I didn't think there was a shelf there and wondered how the ! Sherpa managed to balance on the two back thingamajigs!

  2. Cats what can you do with them? :O)

  3. That looked really uncomfortable until I saw it was actually wider than I thought. Silly Sherpa! What a silly place to sit.

    Happy Labor Day weekend to my pallies at Happy Goat Farm!

  4. Sherpa look quiet Royal,especially in the next to last picture!

  5. That just didn't look comfortable!

  6. What a beautiful and handsam farm cat :) and your photos are beautiful as well.

  7. whatever happened to sherpa being an indoor yurt cat?

  8. What a fun looking perch!

    We're cats, so we may be taking Sherpa's side a little. He was working very hard! heehee.

  9. We were totally fooled by Sherpa until he stood up!
    Um, we Cats work VERY hard. Really.

  10. Supervising is hard work! Especially when using a wheelbarrow to get some perspective. So Sherpa deserves some respect!

  11. Sherpa looked worn out from his snoopervising duties! It looks like the Farm Cats have a very rough life! :)

  12. That does look like a good place to have a little snooze as long as you don't tip over. And a goat doesn't come along and tip you over. You sure are a handsome dude Sherpa. Hope all of you have a super week end.


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