Friday, September 30, 2011

Farm Cat Friday - Harry the Farm Cat is Feeling All Better!

Harry the Farm cat would like to thank everyone who send all of the purrs and positive thoughts his way. He did not have to go the VET and he is now back to his normal cat self.
The publicist thinks he ate something he should not have and he just had to wait while it worked its way through his little cat body.

She thinks it happened when he ESCAPED!
It's true!
Harry the Farm cat escaped the yurt and went exploring.
The publicist was worried because Harry is such a little cat he would make a good appetizer for the eagle.

She went out looking for him but he was like a little black and white streak. He had several adventures that I will tell you about in the coming Farm Cat Friday posts.  First she saw him by the big truck that pulls the trailer.

But he would not come when the publicist called his name.
Oh no! He was OUT and he was going to have FUN! 

He ran off, but where did he go?
Did Stinky the Farm cat see where he went?
She had a bird's eye view!

The publicist looked all over but no Harry!
But then she found some more help!

Sherpa the Farm cat!
Would HE find Harry?

He looked and looked and looked!

He looked under the trailer.

He looked under the male person's old motorcycle.
No luck!

Wait! Is that a meow?

Coming out from under the shed!

Get him, get him!
But NO!
He saw the publicist and he RAN.
Ran like the wind!

Right into this!
What are those chickens going to do to Harry?!
You will have to come back next week to see!

I also must tell you that Isobelle Golightly the Beautiful Goat won my contest for my 1,000th post and I have sent her her choice of soaps. I thank everyone who commented to enter and all of you for continuing to read my blog.


  1. Harry glad your feeling better fella!

    Those chickens sure are pretty!

  2. Happy that Harry is better. Eagerly waiting the next installment of Harry's great adventure.

  3. Oh Harry - we can't wait to hear more of your adventure...but those chick-hens don't look friendly!!

  4. sometimes escape artists cause such a commotion! glad he's doing better!

  5. Happy that Harry is better, what a relief.

  6. I'm so glad that the escape artist is doing better! I think Sherpa's butt belongs on a hallmark card. It is so cute!!

  7. Dang, those chickens look like they are gonna get him like a gang!! EEEK! Don't you just hate it when they run from you? Or ignore you when you call them. Ugh. CATS!

    I'm glad he's home safe and feeling better! I hope he learned his lesson.

    Congrats on the 1000 posts!! WOW!!! That is incredible! I'm ready for 1000 more.

  8. uh oh harry....those girls look like they mean business!

  9. We are so happy that Harry is feeling better. We don't have any pesticides or poisions on our farm but every once in a while someone eats something that they shouldn't. Yay Harry!

  10. I'll bet whatever happened involved quite a bit of commotion!

  11. That is why my human is so strict about never, ever letting us outside - she worries that we would act just like Harry! We do not have eagles here, but we have coyotes, so she would not want us running around.

  12. Glad to hear that you are feeling better Harry. That is what you get for escaping. But glad that bad stuff got through your body. Hope all of you have a great week end. Congrats to the winner of the soap.

  13. We're glad Harry the Farm Cat is feeling better but shame on him for running all around outside! We hope those chickens didn't gang up on him!

    PeeS: We love Sherpa's floofy pantaloons!

  14. Glad that Harry is feeling better. It really looks like he might be in trouble from those hens.

  15. I'm glad Harry is feeling better! Maybe he ate some of Pricilla's cabbage! Oh no!

    I'd be afraid of that chicken line-up too. Yikes.

    I'm so happy to have won your beautiful, rich soap Pricilla! I told my lady I want to come up to the house and have her run a warm bath for me so I can use it. Getting wet would be worth it!


  16. Am glad Harry the Farm Cat did not run into Voldemort the Eagle. Tho' that Death Eater chicken squad looked fierce.

    (Sorry for some reason I'm in the mood to relate anything possible to Harry Potter)


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