Monday, September 26, 2011

Buster Brown the Goat LOVES Cabbage!

It's true!
You will remember that the publicist's very kind friend brought us some yummy cabbage with the HUGE pile of corn stalks.

Buster Brown had never seen cabbage in his short little life so the publicist thought she would feed some to him.

What a lucky little goat.
Not that I am not a spoiled goat. Ah-hem!

His little goat face just lit up from the yummy goodness that is cabbage!
Or maybe it was goat gas.
I do not know.

WhatEVER! He really enjoyed munching on those delicious purple leaves.

I can't say I blame him.
I know I enjoyed my treat of crisp cabbage.
I am sure you would too!

Some of those leaves were as big as Buster Brown!
He was a very happy little kid when he was done with his treat.

I am sure that if the publicist presented him with cabbage again he would not say NO!

I heard from the publicist that Harry the Farm cat is sick. He has to go to the VET today if she can get an appointment. He has been throwing up and been listless and not eating. She is very worried so she is asking everyone to think about him today.


  1. Hope the Vet can fix Harry right up.

  2. Oh! I hope Harry feels better very soon. I thought that maybe if you fed him cabbage..... but my lady told me that I was being silly. Many goat kisses to Harry.

  3. Best wishes and healing thoughts to Harry!!

  4. Buster Brown is a sweet boy. and good luck to the kitty cat!!!

  5. Buster Brown looks quiet happy in that last shot! I hope Harry gets better soon!

  6. We are sending big purrs for Henry's vet visit!

    We don't like cabbage very much but it sure looks like you're enjoying yours!

  7. I thinkg the goats love just about anything green or in this case purple. Ours even love Christmas trees. Once lightening hit a pine near us and Ted stopped to bring home the top. Boy did the goats go crazy with that. Hope Henry feels better soon. Cats eat crazy things that they aren't suppose to.

  8. Poor Harry! I hope he is feeling better soon. Did he get into the cabbage?

  9. Poor Harry! I'm sending lots of positive vibes your way today.

  10. Buster, our Mommy loves cabbage, and it makes her "smile" too!

    We are sending 13 big purrs for Harry the Farm Cat, get well soon, buddy.

  11. I'm not too much into cabbage - I think I'd hand it over to my human. She loves it in vegetable soup.

    I'm sending many, many purrs to Harry! I hope the vet figures out what is wrong, and helps!

  12. Sending healthy thoughts to Harry...maybe he ate too much cabbage? BB is adorable...and Lucky Nickel says she even thinks so too!

  13. oh no...i hope harry is okay! and i hope there are nice breezes blowing the goat gas away from all of you! i am sending good healing energy for harry!

  14. Buster Brown sure does like that cabbage! He's still a cutie!

    We're sending purrs to Harry that he's gets better soon!

  15. Aww, poor Harry! I hope he feels better soon.

    And Buster is so cute I could eat him! Not literally, of course.

  16. He certainly does look like he's experiencing goatie bliss. We all hope Harry is feeling better soon.

  17. I hope Harry the cat can be fixed. We are sending lots of purrs his way to make him get better really quick. We are keeping our paws crossed too. Take care. Buster really is a cutie pie.


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