Tuesday, September 27, 2011

AbbyDay - I am the Specialest Goat on the Farm

It's AbbyDay! The best day of the week. Why do you even bother with those other days?

Pricilla keeps going on and on and on and on about HER treat of cabbage.
Blahmaaa, blahmaaa, blahmaaa is what I have to maaaaa about that.

She is not the only goat to get cabbage.
I also got cabbage and I am the specialest goat on the Farm.
How do I know this?
Pffffft! It's obvious....because I am AbbyGoat!

The publicist showed me the cabbage and asked if I wanted some.
Well, duh!
Is she getting stupid in her old age?

Of COURSE I wanted some.
In fact, I wanted it ALL!

She should know this by now.
Aaaaah, goat bliss!

I could stand here all day and be fed as is only right.
I am Queen of the goat pen!

I think that I should have my own special feeder who just follows me around and feeds me what I want to eat. That way I wouldn't have to work as hard.

As is appropriate for AbbyGoat!

The Fairy Hobmother made an appearance over on the publicist's blog. If you leave a comment she might just hop on over to your blog and make your wish come true....


  1. That is so cute! Yay for ur cabbage with the pretty leafs. :)

  2. Enjoy your cabbage! We think a personal feeder would be awesome!

  3. Mmmmm! You make that cabbage look so good, Abby! You'd better watch out though...Pricilla is going to get you one of these days for what you say! Tee hee.

  4. I like the shot where you have your eyes closed. Mmmmmmm....so yummy!

    Such a pretty goat, Abby!

  5. That cabbage is purple,the color of royalty,Perfect for the queen of the goat yard!

  6. Hand fed all day, well its a thought for sure.

  7. and waving palm branches over you on a hot day...

  8. I am glad you enjoyed the cabbage. I need someone to follow me around to feed me too. I'm not a goat, just lazy.

  9. AbbyGoat, you make me smile so much! Thank you!

  10. And, by the way, I don't like Cabbage. You can have all of mine.

  11. That sounds like a great idea Abby to have your own personal feeder. Then you sure would never be hungry again.
    How is Harry the farm cat?? I hope all right.

  12. I love the special treatment she is getting!

  13. Abby, having your own feeder is a great idea! We hope you get one and that it's filled with cabbage all the time!

  14. Tell ya what, Abby - if anyone ever gives me cabbage, I will pass it right along to you!

  15. You have such a nice human to feed you good healthy cabbage. Be sure to thank her and Pricilla for telling my human she's stupid. :-)


Maaaaaa away....


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