Thursday, August 11, 2011

We Say Goodbye to Brewster the Goat

It is a sad day on the Farm.
Brewster the goat is leaving.
Since Buster Brown the goat is staying some buck had to go.
And it wasn't going to be my studmuffin.

So in today's post we will remember all the fun of Brewster the goat!
He was so cute when he was born.

Sarah was a very happy nanny!
He was such a cute little kid.

We all loved the little chicken marking on his side.
He grew up to move into the big boys pen with his daddy.

He and Luke the goat had some battles.
But they usually got along pretty well.

The publicist is sad as she always is but knows things have to be.
She will miss Brewster the goat.

And his cute little face.


  1. We love Brewster! I hope he has a lovely new farm with lots of does to go to! I wonder if Luke the Luscious will have to wear his wicker hat now that Brewster is going? xoxoxo

  2. *sniff* *sniff* wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    I HATE goodbyes!!! Love ya, Brewster! Aunt Lin is gonna miss ya.


  3. awww is so hard when they leave.. Wish I could come get that little Brewster. Love his coloring.

  4. Oh no! I will miss Brewster too! I hope he is going to a good farm and not going to place. Ahem.

  5. Brewster's certainly been a happy goat with you. I'll miss seeing his adorable face too.

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  7. Bye, bye, Brewster. Let's hope the folks at your new home will share future pictures with us. You were adorable, but Buster Brown is adorable, too, and I know the publicist had a hard time with this decision. Hope it's a big turnip farm!

  8. Boohoo - I hate when goats leave the farm.

  9. Good bye Brewster. I hope you are very happy in your new home!

  10. oh damn...and i was having a good day up until now. oh well, go forth and procreate cute little goats brewster!

  11. I hope Brewster has a happy new home with lots of pretty girl goats. I will miss him!

  12. WE are so very sad that Brewster is leaving. We sure hope he is getting his own herd of lovely girl goats.We do love that boy. He is one of the first ones we fell in love with. I hope Buster and Luke do all right together. Bye bye Brewster. Hope we get some reports about you.

  13. Have a wonderful new adventure Brewster! We will miss you!

  14. Oh this makes us really sad and Mommy even got a little leaky. We do hope that Brewster has a nice time on his new farm!

  15. Goodbye, Brewster. I'll miss you.

  16. Do you just keep one buck on the farm and breed him down through the generations?

  17. Aw goodbye Brewster, you sweet little thing you!


Maaaaaa away....


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