Monday, August 8, 2011

A Kid and a Cat

Sherpa the Farm cat was sitting and thinking as Farm cats do.
He was just minding his own business.
He rather looked like he was meditating.

He was erm, disturbed.

By a kid.
A kid named Buster Brown the goat.
Is anyone surprised?

Buster Brown was very interested in Sherpa the Farm cat.

And it seems that Sherpa the Farm cat wanted to give Buster Brown a good look-see.
He was not sure about this small little goat.
He steers clear of horns.

They gave each other a good sniff.

And Sherpa made his decision.
He told Buster Brown to

Maaaa it to the tail!


  1. Tee hee. Buster is certainly curious! Sherpa stood his ground! xoxoxo

  2. Buster, cats are very difficult to impress! We think Sherpa may come around eventually!

  3. Awwww, but I think that went pretty well! I mean, nobody got butted or our house, that is GREAT!

    Very sweet photos today. :)

  4. i can't decide which one is cuter!!! i'm thinking sherpa won today's competition. :)

  5. awww poor little Buster brown, snubbed by Sherpa. Well a kitty has to do what a kitty has to do :O).

  6. Buster is lucky he didn't get hissed at. Sometimes cats don't like strange animals.

  7. Pricilla, I don't think Sherpa is going to be ANYGOAT's assistant anytime soon!

  8. Happy World Cat Day!! Go Sherpa!

    we hope to be up to speed commenting by next week...secretaries...sheesh.

  9. OH my lord you made me snort! How long did you have to sit there to get those pics? :)

  10. and i was sure sherpa was going to jump on buster for a ride. that is the way he got his name after all!

  11. Sherpa the Farm Cat is a big kitty! Almost as big as Buster!

  12. Oh my goodness! What adorable photos! Looks like you like each other.

    BTW, we are holding a contest for a free bag of Innova Natural pet food. Today is the last day to enter.

  13. Good choice Sherpa. Buster might have thought you were some cute toy. Goats do like to chase things and give them a good butt. Take care.


Maaaaaa away....


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