Monday, August 29, 2011

It's My Favorite Time of Year!

Oooooh! Am I a Happy Goat!
Do you want to know why?
Of course you do!

The garden is growing and growing and growing and growing some more.
And when that happens the male person picks all the produce and we goats get treats.
Lots and lots of treats.

Like this

Don't I LOOK happy?
I am in a treat eating stupor.

Mmmmmmm, treats.
I heard a rumor.
A really good rumor.

It involved CORN!
I might just be getting some corn husks soon.
This goat CANNOT wait.

Are you jealous?


  1. at least you get to enjoy the bounty of the season too! yum!

  2. On a much, much smaller scale, our tomato plant is going NUTS! I know the joy of bounty. Enjoy, goat pally!

  3. Goats eat more treats than I do!

  4. Okay, I HAVE to say this... I can't control myself any longer... THOSE are TREATS?!?! Freeze dried chicken, bits of grilled salmon, shaved parmesan cheese - THOSE are treats!

    Sometimes I think you goats are just a little bit nutty.

  5. Oh yay, Pricilla. Our Peepers is so jealous cause you are getting corn. That is so exciting and we sure are glad you are a happy goat. Take care.

  6. So, is that corn gonna be roasted and dripping with butter? Cuz we LUV butter...

  7. Yes, I am jealous! Our corn husks are all gone, and we didn't even get any of those yummy beet greens! You have a great male person to bring you such treats!

  8. We like the butter that goes on corn so we hope there's a lot of corn around here too! Does Sherpa and Harry like butter too?


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