Friday, August 12, 2011

Farm Cat Friday - Cat in a Bag, Part III

Oh that bag is bringing lots of fun to Farm cat Sherpa and Farm cat Harry.
They have been playing and playing.
Sherpa has spent time in it...

I wonder what he is thinking?
But it was not Sherpa who ended up in the bag after last week's battle.
Oh no!

It was Farm cat Harry!
But I am not sure he is in charge of the situation.
He might be in charge of Sherpa's paw, though.

Sherpa seems determined to win back the bag!
He is giving Harry the paw!
It is good that Harry is hiding in that bag.

Sherpa finally stood back a bit to give Harry some breathing room.
What a battle!

It was epic!
It was dramatic!
It left the bag full of cat hair!

But the two Farm cats had fun.

They meowed over the bag and are still very much friends.
As it should be!


  1. Bag-o-cat! Everyone needs one!

  2. Well we guessed wrong. Looks like it might be a draw. They are both out of the bag. Glad they are still friends. Hope all of you have a great week end. Mom is still teary eyed over Brewster.

  3. So glad they are friends even after such a huge battle!

  4. We have a very similar bag that is covered in black cat hair. Our cat, Oreo likes to be carried around in it. I think he might be a little lazy and enjoy free transportation.

  5. Just proof: bag battles do not always have to end in tears!

  6. Harry was pretty darn cute in that bag! Looks like they enjoyed their little battle over the bag!

  7. Who let the cat out of the bag? (Sorry, I have always wanted to say that).


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