Saturday, August 27, 2011

Eagle Wars!

As I have mentioned before on my blog I see a lot of the bald eagle that likes to sit in the tree in my yard. He likes to fish in my river. I am just glad he does not want to eat ME!

WELL! The other night the publicist and the male person were about to sit down to dinner and they looked out the windows and they saw something AMAZING! 
They saw two adult bald eagles and two young bald eagles!

It's true!
They were all fighting over a big fish that one bald eagle had caught.
Ick! Fish! I am a vegetarian goat.

The adult bald eagle was enjoying his fish

When the two young 'uns decided to try and take it from him (or her - they could not tell from a distance. That is why the photos are a bit fuzzy. They were taken with a telephoto lens through a window. The eagles were across the river.)

Those two young birds were determined to have fish dinner!
But as you can see they just kept fighting with each other.

Silly bald eagles!

Finally the mature bald eagle chased the juveniles away and got to finish his dinner.
But when he was done....

Those youngsters went back to see if he left anything.

The second adult bald eagle basically kept flying around screeing. There are no photos of him/her but it was truly a sight to see 4 bald eagles at once!


  1. I'm with you~let the eagles fight over the fish. We goat will stick to our greens and grains!

  2. Wow, those eagles are beautiful - my chickens don't like them though! Yikes!

  3. oh, that is awesome! i'm so jealous! i've never seen a bald eagle in person! and to see 4! :)

  4. Wow! The nature channel in you own front yard!

  5. How cool to see four at once and that through your own window. I've seen more along the Connecticut river when we lived there. It's been a while since I've seen the bald eagle that lives around here. Perhaps later this year? We also have a golden eagle that comes around here in the winter. Now, there is one impressive bird.

  6. Wow! I have never seen ONE bald eagle, much less four!

  7. a peregin falcon was drinking from my pool the other night and i found a bird skeleton next to the pool a few hours later!

  8. That would be an incredible sight! We hope those eagles keep eating fish and stay away from the farm kitties and chickens!

  9. Wow! Four at once, how amazing! I once had a bald eagle fly next to my jeep as I was driving down the road. As I turned to look at him he turned to look at me. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. So cool.

  10. Wow, that really is something to see four of them all together. Must be a family. Those youngsters need to go fish for themselves. Have a great day Pricilla.

  11. That is incredible!! Its rare to see four like that in the wild!

    My dad absolutely LOVES eagles. He would have been thrilled to see that!


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