Tuesday, August 2, 2011

AbbyDay: I Get To Announce the New Soap Scent

It's AbbyDay the BEST day of the week!
The publicist says that I, Abbygoat get to tell you all about the new soap in Pricilla's MY shop.
(Since it is AbbyDay it should be MY shop, not Pricilla's)

The publicist created a new scent!
She mixed bing cherry and vanilla and came up with

Isn't she clever?

She has listed several different shapes in Pricilla's MY shop including these pretty plain bars

I like how the colors mix together.
Did you know that when the publicist mixes vanilla oil in Pricilla's MY soap it turns it chocolate brown?

It does!
Isn't that interesting?

She also made A Snack for the Goats in cherry vanilla.

Mmmm, I think I deserve a snack for writing this post.
Don't you think so too?
I think so.

There is also a brand new soap!
It's called My Cousin the Soap.

It's called that because it has a deer on on it and deer are our cousins.
The publicist is sooooo silly.

So why not head over to Pricilla's MY shop and check out the new soaps. You won't be disappointed.

Since it's AbbyDay I am going to give you a discount! It's good on any of Pricilla's MY soaps.
If you type ABBYDAY in at checkout you will get 20% off.
That is because in spite of what somegoats might maaaaa about me I am very nice.

I hope you have a wonderful AbbyDay.
For me EVERY day is AbbyDay!


  1. Ooooo! Those are beautiful soaps Abby! Did you lick them to see if they tasted OK? Tee hee.

  2. The new soaps are really cute! We know our Mom will be wild about the Cherry Vanilla! Vanilla is one of her favorite scents ever!

  3. That flower looks so yummy, and I bet it smells good too! You are very nice to give us 20% off on your soap.

  4. Love the plain bars, so pretty! A person could work up an appetite using that soap... :O)

  5. Cherry Vanilla sounds good enough to eat!

  6. Oh our mommy would love Cherry Vanilla! She has an order in for some soaps for daddy but she should get some for herself too! Great deal too Abby!

  7. My human thinks that scent sounds heavenly... and now she is wanting some cherry vanilla ice cream!

    Me? I am wondering when the publicist is going to make Creamed Chicken scented soap!

  8. Wow! And we thought the Monkey Farts smelled good...

  9. What a wonderful scent combo, and I love those molds!

  10. Mmmm! Cherry vanilla does sound quite delicious!

  11. We love that Cherry Vanilla soap. We just might have to get some of that. The shapes are terrific too. Love the cousin soap. Good job publicist. Take care.


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