Wednesday, August 31, 2011

AbbyDay - I am In Charge

It's AbbyDay the best day of the week. EVERYday should be AbbyDay if you ask me.
I am a little bit peeved at the publicist. She messed up my schedule so I have taken over Wordless Wednesday
She gave PRICILLA a special ear of corn!

She should have given it to ME!
I am in charge around here.
Me, AbbyGoat! No other goat.

When she came out to maaaa at us I gave her the cold shoulder.

That will teach her.
I had lessons to teach Sarah the goat.
Who needs the publicist any way?

Sarah the goat was thinking SHE was in charge.

She gave me the goat stomp.
Stupid Sarah.

I gave her a good head butt.
You think that would have showed her.

But NO!
Another goat stomp!
Is she crazy?!

She must be.
She really needs to be taught a lesson.
It's a good way to show my girls how to be toughgoats too!

That Sarah!
ANOTHER goat stomp!
You see that Nora the goat knows better. She just stands there.

I finally gave her a nip to her tail and a butt and she got the message.
She went into the other pen. Lesson learned for the day. Hopefully for longer.

Watch out publicist!
You are next.
Unless I get some of that corn!


  1. Abby, you keep that wild Sarah in line!

  2. How dare that mere peasant try to dethrone the Queen!

  3. Abby did you get up on the wrong side of the hay pile this morning? LOL

  4. get that gal an ear or two STAT!

  5. Ooh the publicist better get some butt gear!

  6. I swear that abby is just soooo full of herself!

  7. I love the way Nora was just standing there, nibbling at something and pretending to ignore the whole scene.

  8. Now Abby, you know that dear Pricilla is the older, wiser goat, and possibly the more feeble goat because of her advanced age, so it is only appropriate that she get the corn ears because she needs to be sustained, whereas you are in your prime, and able to forage for yourself. Rejoice in the fact that you are not old and feeble.

  9. Whoa Abby! You are in serious need of some corn!

  10. Goat stomp video, please! :) Not that I'm encouraging that behavior, of course...

  11. Abby, my girl. You'll get more corn from the publicist if you are sweet. She'll reward your sweet behavior.

  12. LOL, Abby, I would suggest you not go after the publicist. You won't be getting any food. But you did teach that Sarah goat to behave. Hope all of you have a terrific day.


Maaaaaa away....


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