Sunday, July 31, 2011

Silly Sunday - Our Exotic Rooster

I can't imagine much sillier than our exotic rooster - the Polish crested.
When I first showed you him he looked like he had a cotton ball on his head.
Now his feathers have come in and he looks like he is wearing a hat.

Silly rooster!
He is a bit shy.

In the morning he first peaks out of the chicken tractor

then he pokes his head out and looks around

only THEN he will come down the ramp!
What a Prima Chicka!

He struts around the goat pen like he is something special.

I suppose he is with his black feathers, white hat and blue legs.
The publicist just hopes he does not turn into an attack rooster!


  1. he certainly is a good looking guy! does he have a name?

  2. I like him! I hope he stays nice too! How fun looking he is :O)

  3. He certainly does strut around. Looks like he needs a hair cut. Too funny. But he is different. We hope he doesn't turn into an attack chicken either. He might have to find a new home. Take care.

  4. I do believe our Naughty Rooster Boy would eat him for breakfast. Personally, I like the hat.

  5. We had some of those! We also had German Spitzhaubens. Have you ever seen those? They are really nice! They are some of the best pet chickens.

  6. Feather hair extensions are quite popular these days. He's a real trend setter!

  7. He's kinda wacky looking, but I bet he tastes the same as any chicken!

  8. We didn't know they had such fancy chickens!

  9. We are scheming how to grow some fancy furs on our heads, just like him!

  10. Is the publicist a little jealous, perhaps? Hmmmm! Does the publicist wish she had such a beautiful feathered familiar; huh? huh? Seems Mr. Rooster is very proud of his crowning glory... just sayin'...

  11. Where are his eyes and how does he see? He is the silliest looking thing! Hahaha.

  12. He has a roo-fro! He is so darned cute!


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