Saturday, July 16, 2011

Nora the Goat Enjoys Her Turnip Greens

Poor Nora the goat!
She tends to get ignored around the Farm.
That will change soon!
Her kid(s) is/are due this month so she will be more in the spotlight.

I thought it was only fair to show the fun that Nora had eating her turnip greens.
She needs to keep eating for the baby!

Just like the rest of us she had her own special pile of greens.

The publicist made sure that she was far away from Abbygoat.
(Abby can be sooooo greedy!)

Nora really liked the greens!
I think we have all decided that these are a big hit and we would like to see them again!

She chomped down her whole pile.
Good for Nora!

Hopefully the next time I write about her it will be to introduce her new kid(s)!


  1. i can't wait to see your baby/babies nora! how many turnips did the male person plant?

  2. she is a cutie! thanks for letting her have some blog time! can't wait to meet the kid(s)!

  3. We are excited about the baby/ babies coming. Glad you are eating healthy foods for those kids. Have a good week end.

  4. Nora's baby is probably enjoying those greens too! We hope she has a safe delivery!

  5. Greens are a definite re-do! For everyone. Looking forward to the kiddies. Enjoy your greens.

  6. Nora, please thank you mama for the birthday wishes. How exciting that you are having babies. I cannot wait to see them. Have a lovely green day.

  7. Does this mean her kids will be green? We Cats don't know much about goats, or reproduction, for that matter!

  8. I am glad we do not have any goats living here - my little catnip plant would probably be gone in a split second!

  9. We won't have any more kids this year, so I'm excited to see Nora's baby. :-)

  10. It is going to be so awesome seeing Nora's kidlet!! I can't wait! :)


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