Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Lazy, Grazy Days of Summer

In spite of some very cool morning - we have had FROST!
(Which is just not right for the end of June!)
I think it is safe to say that Summer is here!

The publicist has been letting us out to graze on the yummy grass and tasty weeds that are growing on the Farm.
I wish we could go in the garden; those turnip greens look D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!
But that is not to be.

We have been spending a lot of time on the bank by the river.

The river is very full this year due to lots of melting snowpack and lots of Spring rain.

The publicist has warned us not to go all the way down so we don't get swept away.
(I told Abby she could try and see what happened. She didn't listen to me. DRAT)

Nora spent some time eating the pine tree.

And I did too!
It's just good to be able to roam.
I know we have the same grass and weeds in our pen.

But somehow they taste better with a river view.


  1. You goaties look cute grazing by the river. Don't get too close though!

  2. That does look like great goat fun, grazing on the bank of the river. Hope all of you have a super week end.

  3. what fun to be able to graze by the river! hmmm....can goats swim?

  4. LOVE that big pine by the river. SO beautiful. of course, you're eating the little ones...

  5. You are some lucky goaties to have all that yummy green to munch on!Our poor goaties are living off hay.

  6. Ah, what a nice way to spend the day.

  7. What a beautiful dinner view!

  8. That is such a lovely view to have with your meal! How do you know how far to go? We hope there's something keeping you safe from the river. (Our mommy is a worry wart.)

  9. I don't blame you goats for wanting to eat on the river bank - it's beyond pretty there! I can't believe you got frost this morning - we are definitely in the hot season here. My human even cranked up the downstairs air conditioner for a few minutes this evening, which is rare for her! Needless to say, our meals come without view.

  10. You definitely have a beautiful view! I hope no one gets too close to the water. I am so overprotective, it would scare me.

  11. We still have snow on Mt. 14,000 feet, which is unheard of this time of year! We of course are roasting in the valley, triple digits!

  12. ACK! we wanted to say we'd trade you some cool for HOTS...

  13. lunch is always better with a river view

  14. With that view, I almost want to be a goat! How beautiful. And, such a sunny day. You have a very nice Publicist -- I hope you know that.


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