Friday, July 15, 2011

Farm Cat Friday - Talk to the Paw

Sherpa and Harry the Farm cats have been exhibiting some catitude lately.
I am not sure the publicist appreciates it.
After all they would not have a home if it were not for her!

Harry was sleeping on the scratching post and the publicist thought he looked cute so she went over to take his photo.

Awwww, cute Harry the Farm cat!
But he did not want his photo taken.
He rolled over and told the publicist

"Talk to the PAW!"
Can you imagine such a thing?!

Then Sherpa was sleeping in his cherry box castle.

He likes his cherry box castle!
The publicist thought he looked cute so she went over to take his photo.
But HE turned around and told the publicist,

"Talk to the PAW!"
I think these Farm cats need to be taught some manners.

I told the publicist I am ready to butt them for her whenever she wants.


  1. maybe they were just waving at the publicist!

  2. oh, they are cute and sassy fur-beasts!

  3. That certainly is a lot of catitude! I just don't understand why those humans seem to put up with such abuse from those felines.

  4. Well, I'm sort of sensitive about my middle being seen by others, so I sort of get it. Imagine sunning your underside on the beach and some crazy photographer running over to snap a photo--eeek! I am glad the publicist does not go to the beach we go to--I'd have to give her the paw too! :p

  5. Its a cat thing... And Lin has a point!

  6. We totally understand because there's a time and place for photo sessions and obviously that wasn't the time or place!

    Angel & Isabella

  7. Such cute pictures of those sassy little cats!

  8. Harry and Sherpa are just reminding the publicist that they are the ones in charge!

  9. ha ha ha! Way to go, boys! Sometimes we have to show the paw too. Gotta keep the Humans humble.

  10. Your black white kitty looks like the twin to my girl kitty! I love it!:)

  11. They are just trying to give a good ole paw bump. Too cute, those two paws. Hope that is what they meant anyway.Have a fun week end.


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