Friday, July 22, 2011

Dateline Mystery/Happy Goats Farm: Farm Cat Friday - Stinky the Cat Knows Who Took the Hay!

I did not think that the Farm cats had anything to do with the missing hay.
They do not eat hay.
They eat stinky, fishy food.

They do, however spend a lot of their time napping in the hay.
Who knew?
Apparently the publicist did so she told me I should maaaaa to them.
Specifically Stinky the Farm cat.

So that is exactly what I did!
I found Stinky on the scratching post.

We goats do not have scratching posts because we do not scratch but it has given me a brilliant idea; BUTTING POSTS! We goats should have buttings posts!

(No, Abby! I am not your butting post! Shhhh, this is an important convermaaaaation so go away.)

Stinky seemed a bit more interested in cuddling with her mousie toy than in meowing with me. 
I suppose I can understand this.
I would be more interested in apples than in maaaaaing with Stinky the Farm cat.

But just before she drifted off to sleep Stinky gave me a very important clue!
It's true!
And yes, I understand cat.
I am a bilingual goat.

So know I think I can figure out what happened to our hay.
Have you?
I will tell you on Monday and there will be a special giveaway of my rich soap to celebrate the answer so be sure to come back and see!


  1. Hmmmm. I still think it's a great big MOOOOOO. Tee hee.

    Stinky is awfully cute with that mousie toy!

  2. come on stinky..share the knowledge!

  3. Hmmmmmmm....perhaps there is a new storage location for the hay, which Stinky has investigated already?

  4. oh, i'm still having to wait here as i didn't get the clue...

  5. Maybe it is in a giant hay vault some where....

  6. I can hardly wait to hear the solution to this mystery. Disappearing hay is very disturbing!

  7. I can hardly wait to hear the solution to this mystery. Disappearing hay is very disturbing!

  8. We can't figure it out either so we'll be on pins and needles waiting until Monday!

  9. Well I guess we can wait til Monday since there is soap involved. There must be a loose cow or someone with a big truck came in there and took the hay. Anyway, we sure will be back on Monday.Take care.

  10. I bet the farm cats want to know where the hay went too - I can only imagine that they were put out by one of their napping places going AWOL.

  11. Well, we're pretty sure it wasn't a hay monster...the Cats would be in a tiff about THAT.

  12. You may try and ask Santa Claus for a butting post. You'll probably get one if you've been a good goat. In the meantime, use the cat ;-)


Maaaaaa away....


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