Thursday, July 7, 2011

Clash of the Titans

The roosters have been feeling their oats.
Or maybe that should be their grain.

They have been very feisty.
This makes the publicist happy because if they are doing THIS

to each other they are not doing it to her.

She caught this particular battle out of the window of the yurt.
These two went at it for quite a while.
At first they seemed to bow to one another.

Then one struck!

That is some kind of wild and crazy rooster karate!

They were relentless in their efforts to do...

The publicist had no idea.
(There were no wind machines involved!)

They jabbed.
They jumped.

They jumped some more.

They were wild and crazy roosters!
The publicist thought maybe there would be and end to it but no!
Those silly birds kept going at it and the aerial work went on...

Maybe these birds should go on America's Got Talent!
What do you think?

Can roosters have agents?

Finally the two combatants grew tired of the fight.
They bowed once more

and went off to their hens.


  1. yikes! i was afraid we were going to have to send the sheriff to break up a cock-fighting ring!!!

  2. Wow - those are great action shots!!! Those roosters sure have the "rooster stare of death" down pretty well.

  3. Roosters will be roosters. Naughty Rooster Boy and the orange rooster still fight, and they can't get on the same side of the fence!

  4. Think Kung Fu Panda... but with Rooster instead. Man, those are vicious! They're beautiful but vicious!! I think you took great shots!

  5. if the cops show up for cock fighting, who gets arrested?

  6. Whoa! That was no casual wrasslin' like we kitties do! How weird that when they were done they just bowed to each other and went off in their own directions.

  7. Those two take their fights seriously! We didn't know roosters had such moves!

  8. haha! Such feisty roosters!


  9. Those were great shots! I will say they have more talent than some of those auditions on AGT!But I guess that is really why we watch ..too see the goof balls!

  10. They are so wild and crazy!!! What a crazy fight to watch.

  11. I hope no roosters were injured during the taking of those photos.

  12. I only have one rooster so you never see this in the barnyard! But the hens do occasionally have cat-fights (Chicken-fights?).


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