Thursday, July 14, 2011

Brewster and Luke are Too Sexy for Their Turnip Greens

It's true!
Just look at those boys as they eat their treat.
Mmmm, my studmuffin really knows how to munch a green.

I think he is the handsomest cowgoat around.

Brewster had his turnip greens up on the spool.

It was his very first taste of greens and I think he liked them.

Luke has had beet greens but not turnip greens and he heartily approves!
There is nothing like a delicious snack in the middle of the day to make everything A-OK.

I heard the publicist say that there would be more turnip greens this weekend.
Doesn't that sound yummy?
She told me that she even put some away in the freezer for the male person.
They should ALL be for us!


  1. hey luke! when do you get to take your hat off? those greens look good!

  2. I love how Luke has made his twine hat all frizzled! hee hee. He's stylin'. xoxoxo

  3. Brewster sure is a twinky twin of his Dad. Both fine looking boys. Lukes rope has turned into a hat :O). Not just any buck could pull that look off :O).

  4. Brewster truly is a carbon copy of his daddy. I must agree, Luke certainly has it going on with that twirly whirly frizzly twine hat! I can't believe the publicist wouldn't give all the turnip greens to you goats.

  5. Luke's current bonnet is much too feminine! YOu need to work on making it look MANLY!

    I hope the girls got some greens too!

  6. I know Luke's stylish headdress is designed to keep Brewster safe but it is looking a little like a clown wig. Fortunately, goats aren't terrible vain.

  7. What?! Humans eat turnip greens? That does not seem fair. Same with chicken - all the chicken should be for us cats.

  8. Luke and Brewster are certainly very studly! We're glad they got to enjoy some greens too.

  9. And, will you be sharing with the ladies? Sounds to me as though you think all the greens will be for you fellas... Not gonna happen; that's for sure... Not. Gonna. Happen.

  10. Those boys sure are hunky! I think I'd like to go on dates with both of them, and with Marley from Eden Hills, and then decide on my favourite one.
    ***Lucky Nickel***

  11. We also think that Brewster is very handsome. Look at his big horns. Glad he is enjoying his greens and Luke too. We love those boy goats. Hope all of you have a great week end.


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