Tuesday, July 5, 2011

AbbyDay - OK - I am Ready for These Girls to Stop Nursing

I am a good nanny.
You all know that.
But there is a time for all kids to grow up and go on their way.
I have had my sentimental posts.

This is not one of them.

I have had it!
With what you ask?

It is about time these girls stop banging on my udder looking for milk.
They are old enough now to get enough to eat without coming to me.

I am not a milk machine.
OK - maybe I am.
But being milked twice a day by the publicist is not as bad as having two kids with horns
looking for milk ALL DAY LONG.

I mean, just look how big they are getting!

I have to have a talk with the publicist.
And soon!


  1. Feeling like a milking machine? Hmmm...the complaint of many nursing mothers for ages. I once tallied up my time and realized I had nursed four kids for a collective total of ten years.

    Never fear, AbbyDay, they do grow up. Eventually. :)

    Hi Publicist! xoxo

  2. I think the horns would be a problem for me toooo! Tee hee. xoxoxo

  3. I must admit I surely feel for our Nanny goats when they are nursing. That certainly does look very uncomfortable when the kids are just butting away as they are eating.

  4. It certainly is time. We're going through that here. The human keeps telling Kizzy to quit letting her girls nurse her, but she won't listen.

  5. The horns are probably reminiscent of teeth. I had an issue with those with my older daughter. You are doing your part to help them grow big and healthy.

  6. It is amazing how fast little goats become big goats!You could just do like our goat Doodah and just give them a good fling with your horns whenever they get close!

  7. Those have to be the cutest pictures I've seen in a while!!

  8. Hmm. Don't tell Darla.
    We still have our gentle bottle........

  9. Uh yeah, they ARE getting a little big!

  10. You're such a kind mama to indulge them like that!

  11. But they're so cute! You are a good nanny Abby!

  12. When they have to all but lay on the ground to nurse, you know they are too big!! Silly goats!

    I know the feeling, goat friend. I've been there in wanting to wean babies.

  13. Looks like it is time for that big separation. Those girls are really getting big now. We just hate to see them leave the farm but we know it has to happen. Hope all have a great day.


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