Tuesday, July 12, 2011

AbbyDay - I am the QUEEN of the Turnip Greens

But you already knew that.
If you didn't you are pretty stupid not paying attention around here.
I am the Queen of Everything!

The publicist knew when she brought those greens in that I should have my own special pile.
She put them up on the spool so I could dine in splendor.

She's smart, that publicist.
She knows the feel of my horns.

I do not like to share. I do not feel a Queen should HAVE to share.

I ate through my pile, enjoying EVERY nibble.
I was not going to leave any leftovers.
That is not my style.

I will tell you that these turnip green things are A-OK in Abby's book.
I suggest you try them.
But don't try and take mine!
Or YOU will feel my horns.

And I don't think any of you really want that, do you?


  1. oh no abby...i would never try to take your greens!

  2. abby, you are a tyrant queen! :)

  3. I do believe turnip greens make for sassy goats!

  4. Oh Abby, you sound a lot like our Cutie Pie. She likes to assert her horns as well. Maybe you should learn to share, like me!

  5. I am glad you enjoyed your greens but I hope the publicist does not know the feel of your horns. She is very good to you and deserves better.

  6. Abby, you are the farm's version of Binga!

  7. Abby you have to learn to share. It is a good goat trait. Oh who am I kidding?

  8. We wouldn't think of taking your turnip greens away from you Abby! We bet your horns don't feel too good!

  9. Abby, if you weren't so pretty standing up there enjoying your turnip greens, I would give you what-for for being so selfish... Shame on you. Poor little Buster probably needs some to help him grow... But, you enjoy... Yeah, you just enjoy...

  10. Not to worry Abby, we will not try to take your greens. We will just have to find out own. But they do look really tasty. Have a great day.


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