Saturday, June 18, 2011

Who Taught Buster Brown to be Such a ToughGoat?

You will recall that we were all shocked that little Buster Brown stood up to Abbygoat by giving her the goat stomp.
I have a confession to make.
I was not as shocked as the other goats.

Do you want to know why?
Because I taught him how to do it!
It's true!

He is my grandkid after all and I want him to be prepared to face a world full of mean goats like Abby.

We were playing and doing some friendly head butting.

He is so very cute and I am very proud of him.

He looks a little bit like me, I think.
I like that.

So after we did this for a bit I told him all about the goat stomp and I suggested he give it a try.

I whispered in his little ear the instructions on how to do it.

He listened well, didn't he?!

We did some more head butting - that is a VERY important skill for a little goat to know.
And then he gave ME the goat stomp!

I told him that he should NEVER give his grandnanny the goat stomp.

Never EVER!

And he ran off!
Silly Buster Brown!


  1. i think buster has a bit on imp in him!!!

  2. Buster, you had better behave around Granny. Glad she taught you the goat stomp though. That is so important for a little man like you to know. We are glad that Pricilla taught that to you. Hope all have a great week end.

  3. i adore this little guy!!! if he could only stay that sweet and small so he wouldn't get himself into trouble being a big goat!

  4. What a great grandnanny you are to teach him those important skills! It looks like he's quite a capable student.

  5. You taught Buster very important lessons Pricilla. Did you by chance tell them that while he isn't supposed to do that to his Grandnanny he should certainly do it to Abby?

  6. LOL...the Chazman and I love to come visit and see all the adventures you have and usually stay very quite so as not to scare you away but we had to comment on this one. Awwwwwwww!!!

    Great lesson being taught but please lil one...respect the grannanny!!!

  7. An all guy kind of guy . . . er ah kid.

  8. That was quite a Goat Stare of Death you gave Buster! I bet he learned THAT lesson!

  9. That kid is a fast study! He didn't waste any time trying out his new skill, did he?

  10. That's so cute Pricilla! You are such a good GrandNanny! Imagine him trying out that goat stomp on YOU though! My goodness!

  11. Goat stomps are good when used sparingly, Buster, regardless of what GrandNanny says... just keep that in mind. Now, go say Happy Father's Day to papa!


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