Monday, June 27, 2011

Thelma and Louise - Devourers of Weeds

Thelma and Louise are turning into quite the little eaters.
If given a weed pile to munch they work hard at it and munch away until there is nothing left!
They were out the other day and their nanny left them with a tuft of grass.

They both worked at it.

They have very good grass eating form, I must maaaa.
I suspect that my genes have something to do with that!

Little Louise really concentrates as she eats.
But don't worry!
Thelma is no slacker.

She eats like a pro too!
It's hard to believe these does are only a little over two months old!
I am very proud of them.
The male person is very happy that they are eating all of the tall grass.
Then he doesn't have to mow!


  1. i wish thelma and louise could visit me@. they would have lots to eat here.

  2. They look like A-1 top munchers to me!

  3. They look like goats now... they were so cute when we were there mid May!

  4. such great little weed-eaters!

  5. They are good at eating grass and weeds! We goats like to help out here too. It is an important job!

  6. Thelma and Louise, your Mom sure did teach you well to eat that grass. Looks like great fun. You two sure are cute. You are doing a very important job. Take care and have a great day.

  7. We could use Thelma and Louise here! Our lawn mower is buried in the garage under all the old carpet so our grass is very tall. We think Mommy just wanted an excuse to get a goat or two!

  8. Goat grass looks a lot taller than cat grass!

  9. Such happy little munchers. I'm glad they're helping out the tall person.

  10. We Cats like grass, but maybe not THAT much!

  11. haha! I bet the male person is happy. Who needs lawnmowers when you have adorable goats!


  12. Beauty and good eating skills. They are real debutantes.

  13. The male person sounds like a bit of a slacker to me. If they worked together and mowed and maaaaaed, it would get done even quicker.

  14. So cute! They can come to my house anytime!

  15. I want one of those baby goats. Wah! They are so very cute and cuddly looking. Are they house trained? Heh heh....


Maaaaaa away....


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