Monday, June 6, 2011

So Much to Munch, So Much to Climb

Little Buster Brown is having SO much fun!
He loves to be out running free around the Farm.
He explores all around and you know there is so much to see and to munch.

He especially likes to spend time over by the wood piles.

The bark on the wood is particularly delicious.
Mmmm, bark.

He also likes to hop around on the wood pile.

All the little kids do this. It helps their leg muscles to grow strong.
But he is easily distracted by some tasty bark.

Aaaah, it is good to be a goat on the Farm.
For a kid it's nothing but playing...

and eating. With a little supervision by one's nanny.



  1. How wonderful to have a little freedom for a little one! Life is good for Buster Brown! :)

  2. It does look like a wonderful life! He's certainly having a lot of fun on that wood pile.

  3. it looks like you all are enjoying the good weather!

  4. It's amazing how agile the little guy is!

  5. I can see the appeal of exploring the woodshed. The bark? Eh, not so much!

  6. I think Buster Brown is a great little guy. I think anyone with one bit if intelligence wuld be green with envy.;)

  7. Buster is such a cutie pie! He looks like a hoofful for Sarah since he's such a little explorer!

  8. Mommy says she wants to be a Goat! Who's gonna feed us?

  9. Have said many times, is there anything more careful looking than a kid playing. Nope, they just scream body language "LIFE IS GOOD!" woowhoo! :O)

  10. He's a curious little guy, for sure!

  11. It would be nice to be a little goat kid and just run around up and down the wood pile and have such a good time. You really are so cute and we just love that color. Never seen a palomino goat before. Take care.


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