Friday, June 3, 2011

Farm Cat Friday - Zzzzzzzzzzz

It's hard work being a Farm cat.
VERY, very hard work.

Sometimes a Farm cat just has to take a little nap.
It's a good thing that there is a nice, soft bed for tired Farm cats to stretch out on.

And stretch out they do!
At least some of them.
Some Farm cats prefer to sleep like the little ladies that they are.

Unlike that OTHER Farm cat.
Who takes up almost half of the publicist's and male person's bed.

Silly Harry!


  1. So funny how differently they sleep!

  2. Life is good for the farm cats!! I think Harry is just very trusting....that belleh looks like it needs a good rubbing!

  3. They both look very cozy. I wonder if I could sneak into the house and try out the human's bed. Hmmm...

  4. LOL now that is funny. Silly farm cat.

  5. oh, if all kitties could have this life!

  6. I am sooo ready to stretch out beside Harry and shut my eyes -- for just a minute . . . You know, check the lids for leaks. :)

  7. Harry - don't let them kid you. We all know how hard you work.

  8. you can tell there is no chow chow anywhere nearby!

  9. Harry looks mighty comfy stretched out on that bed! Stinky is a little more reserved!

  10. LOL! I've got to wonder why my new cat has to sleep either by my face or on my legs, when there is an entire Queen sized bed for her to share.
    and then.. of course.. this is all in the middle of the night, as she has the internal clock to know when I'll be getting up, so she makes sure to skedaddle before I do. So I don't even get to pet her when waking up. Brat.

    Love the pics!

  11. I see Harry and Binga have a lot in common...

  12. Harry, sometimes Harley stretches out like that. It must be a cow-cat thing!

  13. Some of us like to stretch out like that too Harry. It is very comfy to do that. Hope all of you have a great day.


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