Friday, June 17, 2011

Farm Cat Friday - Sherpa Continues to Hunt (Not for the Squeamish)

Sherpa is proving to be a mighty hunter.

Last week it was wabbit.
This week he caught a MOUSE!

The male person was very happy about this because the barn is full of mice.

Sherpa brought the mouse to the publicist to show it to her.
Poor mousie.
But mousies around here can cause hantavirus and that is not good.
So the mousies have to go.
She would just rather not watch their going.

Being the mighty hunter that he is, Sherpa stalked his prey.

Then being the cat that he is he played with it.

Then he decided he did not want to share his mousie with the publicist and he took it away.

She was happy about this.
One mousie down, 4,659 mousies to go.


  1. you just need 4,659 more kitties! my kitties used to bring dead mice to me and drop them on me while i was sleeping....gross!

  2. EEEEK - Octoberfarm!!! That would NOT be a nice surprise!

    I swear those mousies just die of little mouse heart attacks for all the playing that gets done with them! It's a good thing Sherpa is such a great hunter!

  3. my barn kitty caught / killed / ate a baby rabbit last week too. he uses my horse's feed bowl as his arena. makes for a nice round enclosure while he toys, then finally slays and eats. of course i always find parts of mice, birds, frogs left over so have to clean it out before i feed...

  4. He wanted you to see he is earning his keep! :O).

  5. My how Sherpa has grown into such a strong and handsome fellow! Bless his feline heart.

  6. Good fore Sherpa! We have farm cats that like to hunt...squirrel! The human doesn't like that. She tells them to cats mice and rats and moles...

  7. Sherpa is a very handsome mighty hunter! Good job on catching that mousie! It looks way more fun and tasty than our toy mousies!

  8. Way to go, Sherpa! I have never seen a real, live mousie before.

  9. I agree with Jaz... You need more kitties!

  10. Good job Sherpa. We love to catch those mice too. Khaki caught one too. We know you can catch all 4000 of those mice Sherpa, so get busy. Have a great week end.

  11. It's always interesting to see a nice pet kitty turn into a serious hunter. All the body lines match those of the mighty tiger! I once walked out to a whole dead rabbit on my porch that my cat had brought me! He was so proud. The only thing I can't do is watch them play with their catch... too horror-flicky... Come visit when you can...


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