Saturday, June 25, 2011

Buster Brown is just Too Cute

It's true!
I fear that he is so cute the publicist might make HIM the Famous SpokesGoat.
What would I do then?

I mean look at his adorableness

How could she not use him instead of me?
I am an old goat.

He is a cute, adorable kid!
Even his Goat Stare of Death is cute.

How can I compete with that?
I am doomed.

I will be put out to pasture to just eat all day and not work....


  1. he is really cute but remember....he will end up in the buck pen!!!

  2. He sure is cute and we love his colors. We think he would make a great spoke person. Pricilla, you could just take it easy right now and enjoy life with lots of great treats. Maybe that cute Buster Brown could have a small operation so he wouldn't have to go to the Buck pen. Hope all have a super week end.

  3. Hello dear Pricilla who knows the kids over at Katnip Lounge. We have somebody over here we think you might like to meet. . . . Let's be friends!

  4. That being put out to pasture doesn't sound too bad. Of course Buster Brown is going to grow up and then he won't be near as cute.

  5. oh, i like your alternative!!! :)

    yeah, i'm with millie - just wait a bit and he'll outgrow that adorableness...

  6. Oh, his coloring is soooo cute!! But I'm with the rest of the gang--everyone is cute when they are little. He may not be such a "cute threat" when he gets older.

  7. Everyone has to retire some time ... maybe now is your time Pricilla.

    Maybe the publicist should let Buster Brown do a few guest posts to see if he's any good at this spokesgoat stuff.

  8. Only problem: as a boygoat, Buster does not make milk! So it wouldn't be quite fair of him to promote goat's milk soap!

  9. But Pricilla, the "Maaa of Buster Brown" just doesn't have the same appeal to it. He's cute, but he's not wise and omniscient like you. It is best that you remain as spokesgoat. He is just a flash in the pan, as they say. He could be featured on a soap, perhaps, as a sort of nod to his visual appeal. But really, boy goats are single minded and juvenile. That is not an appropriate set of characteristics for a spokesgoat. By the way, my lady says that she is absolutely in love with the "Old Goat" scent soap. This also bodes well for a senior spokesgoat.
    Carry on!
    Lucky Nickel

  10. Buster is very cute but Sparkle is right, he can't really be a spokegoat for soap when he can't make soap. We think your job is safe!

  11. Pricilla, Mommy says she's go out to pasture in your place!

  12. You're right; he IS cute. But how could one possibly replace you? You're adorable.

  13. There is something super-duper cute about Buster. But you are the true star,Pricilla!

  14. Pricilla, he is adorable but he doesn't have your wit and charming personality. You, my dear, are the total package.

  15. Don't start building mountains where there is nothing but dust, at this time. Buster is adorable, but aren't all kids? You won't be displaced. You are very good at what you do and the Publicist knows this. Rest easy.


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