Thursday, June 2, 2011

Brewster the Goat is CAGED!

Now that the tasty grass and the yummy weeds are growing so big and tall the publicist is letting us out for daily grazes so we can do our job around the Farm. We enjoy this job - it is not hard work at all to be munching away on the tender grass and crunchy weeds.

Excuse me, but a goat's gotta keep those gases moving!

Even the boys get to go out daily to eat their fill. 
They tend to explore a bit more than we does and sometimes this leads to well....

It seems that in the big winds that blew through one of the male person's tomato cages ended up in the gully.

It also seems that Brewster the goat decided to nibble something THROUGH the cage instead of AROUND the cage.
Silly Brewster.

He came running up from the gully like well, his head was caught in a cage.
The publicist had to catch him and disencage him.
I made a funny.

She did eventually get him out but he was not much help. He wouldn't stand still!
I guess I wouldn't be happy with a cage on my head either.
I will neither confirm nor deny that the does were snickering at Brewster the goat.

After he was freed he went back to munching the grass - I guess we could call him a free range, cage free goat.


  1. that cage looked better than fergies daughter's hats!

  2. Hee hee hee hee hee. I love the look on that kitty's face! Silly Brewster (who is looking quite handsome these days). xoxoxoxo

  3. I would have been laughing too!

  4. LOL well Brewster buddy it could have been a bucket! LOL Once Bossy got her head stuck in a bucket. I like to have never got that off her. She had managed to get the very tip of her long pointy horn stuck in the little round thing that holds the handle apparently as she was coming out of the bucket. What were the odds of that.

    What these goats can't manage hasn't been thought of yet LOL .

    Brewster sure is growing into a handsome fellow.

  5. Brewster, we are glad to see you but sorry you got your silly goat head tangled in that cage. Glad the publicist was around to rescue you. Goats are so silly. You are growing up for sure. You are so handsome.

  6. Silly Brewster. I'm sure he was just trying to be helpful and return the cage to the male person.

  7. Brewster, that was NOT how you impress the does!

  8. That's TWO funnies! There's something funny about the publicist running for the camera before freeing poor Brewster. I would have done the same thing, of course, but still.

  9. 'Cilly, you are silly! We know it's not nice to snicker at Brewster but that was kinda funny! Boy he's getting big!

  10. Oh no! Poor Brewster! (snicker) I hope you weren't too scared!!

    I can hardly believe how big Brewster got!! And his horns....WOW! He's like a big man goat now!

  11. Two funnies! Very good. Shame on you, Brewster. My youngest horse was always getting caught in the fencing trying to reach greener grass! I hope Brewster learned his lesson.


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