Tuesday, June 28, 2011

AbbyDay - I Take Out My Frustrations on the Wood Pile

Sometimes a goat just needs to have a good butt.
YOU know what I mean, right?
You just want to bang your head against something.

I decided that the wood pile would be perfect!
I walked up to a great big branch and I told it to GET READY!

Then I butt it with my strong and mighty horns!
No one should get in the way of my strong and mighty horns!

That branch had no chance!
No chance AT ALL.

Not with AbbyGoat doing the butting!
I am a strong goat!

Then I brought my girls over for a nibble of the branch I had subdued.

That branch was mine to do with what I wanted.
I strong and in CHARGE.

Mmmm, frustrations gone and a little fiber to boot.
It's a good day.
Of course it is - it's AbbyDay!


  1. Tee hee. I'm surprised that branch did not wither away from your goat stare of death!

  2. better the wood pile than the publicist!

  3. Way to show that branch who's the boss!

  4. You definitely showed that branch who was boss. I don't think it will be messing with you again. It was very nice of you to share it with your girls.

  5. I never thought of getting out my frustrations by banging my head against something, Abby! Although my human has told me there is something quite gratifying about it...

  6. Good job Abby. You tamed that branch right down. And the girls got to have some bark too. Such a good deal. Take care.

  7. I need a stick to butt these days--and a BIG one at that. And I need one for work too.

    I got my soap yesterday--Thanks, goat pallies!!! Mmmmmmm.... bing cherry soap this morning = Happy Me!! :)

    Thank you!!!

  8. Way to subdue that wood Abby! It's important to get your fiber along with all those greens around you too!


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