Tuesday, June 21, 2011

AbbyDay - I Inspect the Yurt

Since I am the most important goat on this Farm I took it upon maaaself to inspect the publicist's yurt. I would not want her to live in a substandard building.
Aren't I a good goat?

I went into the basement.

I moved carefully since I wanted to do a very thorough inspection.
I didn't want to miss anything.

It is surprising how much there is to see!
So I made sure to sniff all I could.
I would not want tell the publicist it was safe if it was not!

What was that?!
I heard something!

Around that corner...
I won't be scared.

Is that some kind of VERMIN?
In the publicist's BASEMENT?
I had better run out and tell her!

Not because I am scared.

Oh, it's just Pumpkin the Farm cat!
Well, uhm. I hear my kids calling.
That's it!

I don't want to leave my kids unattended for too long.
I am a good nanny.

I am not afraid of a Farm cat!
Not me!


  1. i don't blame you abby! those basement cats can be very scary!

  2. I'd run away too. I mean, go tell the publicist...

  3. Make friend with the cat, you never know when one can come in handy! PS) Your tushie is cute.

  4. so cute! you are a very good building inspector! :)

  5. I'd be running too! (To my kids, of course.) ;)

  6. I am sure you weren't afraid. It was very conscientious of you to rush off to tell the publicist there was vermin in the basement. That's what I do when I find vermin, I rush off to tell Small Town Daddy that vermin has made it into the house. I am not afraid either, I just hope they show up when he is home so he has a chance to feel manly and chase the vermin.

  7. I love that basement.

    Mine floods and is like a hole in the ground, so I always admire basements.

    GAK!! What has my life devolved to, where I admire basements?!?!

    Glad Abby got out safe. Cats named "Pumpkin" can be quite dangerous....

  8. Abby - you were very brave to even enter the basement! There can be all sorts of scary things in basements -- spiders and other creepy crawlies.

  9. Abby- One must always have a care for basement cats. They tell untrue stories. ;)

  10. Basements can be a bit rattling Abby, no worries :O).

  11. You were very brave to go check it out to start with. I'm sure you could hear your kids calling for their Maaaa, and with vermin about, it's bet just to let the Publicist know and then protect your kids.

  12. We know you weren't scared Abby, just going to tend to those kids of yours. Too cute Abby. We think that was very nice of you to check out the yurt. Maybe next time you can go in a little further. Bet the kitty was more scared than you.

  13. Abby, we knew a little Farm kitty wouldn't scare you! We just wonder how Pumpkin felt when there was a goat in her basement!

  14. Heh heh. It's OK Abby, my sibs startle the pants offa me all the time.

  15. Abby, I can't blame you for being a little nervous around Pumpkin. I hear he's a little bit cranky.

  16. Thank Heaven you were there to alert the Publicist about potential trouble! And, you're fast on your feet, too! Excellent Abby; excellent. Come visit when you can and check out what I did with an old credenza!

  17. New things and places are always scary, Abby. It's best to exercise caution!


Maaaaaa away....


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