Monday, May 2, 2011

The Twins Explore

As Abby mentioned yesterday, the twins were exploring all over on their big graze.
They discovered the wood pile!
You know how much we goats love the wood pile.

It is full of fun wood to climb

Abby kept a close eye as Thelma and Louise tried out their climbing skills.

They are, after all, only a week old!
It's hard to believe but it's true!

She did not want them to get in over their little goat heads.
That would not be good.
After a while they got bored with climbing and left the wood pile.

They then went to graze on some of the new grass that is coming up.

I don't blame them for that.
New grass is tasty!

The publicist wanted me to tell you that she knows you all want to see video of the kids but she is having some trouble with her video camera. As soon as she figures out what is wrong she will get you some movies of the kids! She is very sorry.


  1. Awwww! Can they get any cuter???! :) Be careful, goaties!

  2. That wood pile looks like so much fun for a couple of little girls!

  3. So cute the kids are!

    We are still neck deep in the house project. So I am way behind on my blog reading!

  4. They are so cute! I hope they are careful on the wood pile. Abby is a good mom to them.

  5. No problem about the videos. We understand perfectly about broken equipment. We just love seeing pictures of the kids. They are so cute and they have the cutest little faces. Take care.

  6. Mommy is now officially crazy about Goats as well as Cats.


  7. They are the cutest explorers ever! Abby is a very good nanny!

  8. abby is such a good nanny goat watching her little girls. i think they are the cutest kids ever!

  9. I hope your human gets the video camera thing worked out soon - I want to see some baby goat hopping in action!

  10. I love when they start climbing and jumping!

  11. Super cute! They may be little now but you can tell they will be goats of great climbing character one day!


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