Saturday, May 21, 2011

Practice for Ultimate Spool Supremacy - Thelma and Louise Version

As the twins get older they are starting to play at goat games.
One of our favorite games around the Farm is Ultimate Spool Supremacy.
Thelma and Louise are still too little to jump up on the big spools but that does not mean that they can't still practice for the big match-up in the future.

They just do their battling UNDER the spools!

Does anyone else hear the theme from Rocky?
Of course this is all done under the watchful eyes of their nanny.

Abbygoat won't let anything happen to her kids.
It looks like Louise is taking an early lead...

But Thelma has some good butts too!

These does are battling hard!
Who will win?
Is that....

It is! It's the goat stomp from Louise!
It appears that Louise has sent Thelma packing.

Louise wins the battle....this time!
She heads off for a nice drink of water.

Kid butting is such hard work!
I am sure Thelma will get her chance to win in the future.


  1. Nice going Louise. But watch out for Thelma, she is going to back to try to win the next round. Love the pictures. What a good Nanny Abby is.

  2. What a close match! So much fun to watch.

  3. How fascinating! We might have to use the "Stomp" sometime in a rasslin' match.

  4. They are funner to watch than the Birdie Network!

  5. What a funny site! First time I've come across a blog written by a goat and I'm proud to be your newest GFC follower. I'm a cat, by the way, and I also have my own blog. I hope cats and goats can be friends :-)


  6. Very cute! They will be ready for the top of the spool soon!

  7. Oh my that did look close there for a bit. They both better keep up the training as it could go either way next time ... :O)


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