Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Have an Important Job

I know you all know me as the Famous SpokesGoat around these parts but I have another important job. I help the publicist!
It's true!

She hangs her clothes out on an outdoor clothesline. She likes the way the sun drys her clothing. Don't tell her but I like the way sheets taste when they are dried on the line.

But back to my important job.
It is MY job to keep the grass mowed under the clothesline.

As you can see, it's a LOT of grass.

Mmmm, grass.
You know how much I loves me a nibble of fresh, green grass.

Especially if it's mixed with some crunchy pine needles.
It's hard work, you know, but somegoat has to do it.

And I do my best job for the publicist because I love her.
She loves her clean and dry clothes.
She wants to share that with you.

She is having a giveaway for a Sunshine Clothes Dryer on her blog!
You can go over and enter.
But I will warn you - the giveaway does not come with a goat to keep the grass mowed.

You will have to get one of them on your own.
And you most certainly cannot have ME.
I belong to the publicist.
But I'll happily pack up Abby and send her......

Disclosure:  The publicist received her Sunshine Clothes Dryer for free. I just wanted to show you how I do my job to help her. I did not get anything for posting this except some tasty green grass. The publicist really does love her dryer.


  1. Your coat looks all shiny and lovely from all that yummy grass! You look beautiful!

  2. you are so good to the publicist! i too dry my clothes outside on wooden drying racks. i love how stiff the towels dry. they are like loofahs!

  3. I have a similar clothespole, but I don't think it is as large as yours. They are nice, aren't they? I like that you can take it down and put it away at the end of the day. Makes my yard look nice, but I can still hang out clothes.

    I'm gonna need a goat or two to come over here for a few days--our grass is growing like CRAZY! Who wants to come visit Aunt Lin in the big city???!

  4. I have the old-fashioned lines, but they serve me well! Love the smell of air-dried clothing and linens! Good luck to the winner! Now, this thing about offering Abby...

  5. You are a hard worker, mowing erm I mean eating all that grass!

  6. BYOG - bring your own goat... :) i could really use someone like you to clean up around our pond a bit...

  7. Pricilla you are such a good gal. Sure would be nice to have a lawn care specialist like you for around this place. Enjoy the grass and sunshine.

  8. You do such a good job, Pricilla! I have a smaller clothesline, which I also love, but no goat to keep the grass mowed, though I do have a Golden Retriever to keep me entertained. Your family is very lucky to have you!

  9. I don't want one if it doesn't come with a goat!

  10. I have to admit, I have been fantasizing about a goat to keep my lawn mowed. Right now, I have a preteen but I bet a goat would complain a lot less.

  11. Wow, if we had a goat mower, my human could get rid of the gardener!

  12. My goat mowers mow everythihg including the roses if you give them a chance.

  13. With our weather, that dryer would be a washer here! We need a goat here too so we'd take Abby!

  14. What a good spokes goat! I have to admit, when I get real hungry I occasionally nibble on my sheets too!

  15. If I take Abby, does she come with the kids?


Maaaaaa away....


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