Sunday, May 15, 2011

I am Proud to Introduce My Grandkid, Buster Brown the Goat

My Sarah sure surprised the publicist and the male person!
They knew her kid was due this month but she thought she would trick them.
She showed no signs of labor AT ALL all day on Wednesday.

The only little clue she gave was when the publicist put her up in the barn she did not eat her grain. You all know how much we love our grain! This made the publicist suspect that Sarah might have her kid on Thursday so she told the male person and they decided to check on her Wednesday night.

When they went in the barn at 9PM little Buster Brown was all cleaned up and nursing.
My Sarah had delivered him quite easily.

The publicist and male person were VERY surprised.
Not only by his presence but by his coloring.
Luke the goat usually makes cowgoats.

Little Buster had his first taste of sunshine on Friday.

He enjoyed getting out of the barn and seeing the world.

He is a little guy - the grass is almost as tall as he is!

Sarah is a very good nanny and very protective of him.

She is also very loving. I taught her that.

He has almost the same markings as she had when she was a kid. Here is a photo of Sarah right after she was born and from when she was a bit older.

She was a pretty little kid, wasn't she?
Buster Brown looks like he has a smile on his face.

I don't blame him!
He was born on a very happy Farm.

After all of the excitement he a drink of nice, rich milk...

...and went into the barn for a long nap.
It's a rough life for a baby goat.
We are all happy he is here and you will see more of him as time goes on.
Boy it will be hard to choose with all of this cuteness around here.

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It's true!

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It's sad but true....


  1. What a lovely Grandkid, Pricilla! Are you sure Sarah didn't have another boyfriend? Tee hee. I like the surprise color!

  2. He is just to adorable! Congrats Sarah!


  3. Congratulations, Sarah! Little Buster is totally adorable.

  4. Oh Buster Brown, you are so cute. That picture of you smiling is a classic. Gosh that is a great picture.Too cute. Hope all of you have a super Sunday.

  5. the smiling buster brown pic is just the BEST!!!

  6. He's so adorable! Love the coloring. Does that stay? And, yes, he does look very much as though he's smiling. But, after all, he's on a very happy farm! Congratulations, Granny!

  7. He does look a lot smaller than most of the baby goats born on the farm. He's absolutely adorable and I bet he will be a sweetie too.

  8. He does look a lot like his nanny. He's a very handsome little buck. You certainly must be a very proud Grandmaaa.

  9. Buster really does look a lot like his mother! You have WAY too much goat cuteness going on at the farm right now - I need to keep my human away from your blog again!

  10. I think Buster is adorable. You have a very nice family going there. I love Sarah's horns.

  11. Buster is the most adorable little kid! Mommy is wondering how much does a baby goat weigh?

  12. Buster Brown does look a lot like his nanny did when she was a baby! He's so adorable! We're glad everything went well with Sarah too!

  13. Oh, Sarah--Buster Brown is ADORABLE!! I absolutely LOVE his coloring and his little smile on his face. :) Aunt Lin is very excited to have another goatie friend!

  14. I want to pinch his little goat cheeks! What a busy farm it has been lately...

  15. I don't think I shall let Lucky Nickel see these pictures. I think she will fall in goatie love instantly and be inconsolable that she is nowhere near Buster. :)

  16. He is so adorable. What beautiful coloring! I love him already.

  17. He's gorgeous! I love him already. Congrats to Sarah, the sneaky little mom.

  18. Oh, how my heart just aches to hold him......! :)


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