Saturday, May 28, 2011

Goin' for a Ride

Hiya everyone!
Louise here - I have taken over the blog for today.
I told my grandnanny that I wanted to tell a story.

I was out grazing playing and I found a very cool cart.
So I hopped in!

I thought this was a perfect cart for the Queen of the Goat Pen.
(don't tell my grandnanny I called myself that. She might get upset)
I checked it out on all sides and it was just right.

Don't I look adorable?
Of course I do!
I'm a kid - we're all adorable!
Now I just need somegoat to pull me around as is proper for a Queen.

Hmmm, I do not think Buster Brown the goat is strong enough yet.
I was thinking of that cute Brewster the goat.
Don't all little does dream of blog stars?

My nanny has caught on to my thoughts!
I'd better get back to grazing.

It was fun to be Queen for a little while.
I'll maaaa ya later!


  1. Well, it was a good idea you had!

  2. What a great idea, Louise! I've heard that some humans actually want their GOATS to pull THEM in a cart so I'm glad you are a sensible kid and know how it's really done!

  3. Goodness, those are such cute pictures. Louise, aren't you so smart to get in that cart. Good to see Buster Brown too. Buster, you need to get in that cart. Love seeing all the kids.

  4. LOL Louise thinking about Brewster tee hee, yep that sounds so like a goaty :O). Cute cart you found yourself.

  5. A Queen's carriage for sure!!! Sorry your knight did not show up to cart you around!

  6. You do look adorable in that cart. Queen for a day? How about Kid in Waiting?

  7. Something tells me that Louise is a chip off the old Abby-block!

  8. hey louise..i think you should have grabbed thelma and made a getaway!

  9. Aw, all little girl kids have dreams of a handsome guy...dream on, Louise!

  10. Too bad no one pulled you around the yard in your chariot Louise. That would have been fun!

  11. Louise, you are awfully young to have a crush on Brewster, which I suspect you already do!

  12. What a cute cart! That certainly does look fun. I hope you can get some cute Brewster goat to pull you in the cart.


Maaaaaa away....


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