Friday, May 20, 2011

Farm Cat Friday - The Yurt Has Been INVADED!

The publicist tells me this is not unusual.
She tells me it happens every year around this time.
But this is the first year that we Farm cats have been living in the yurt at this time of year so to us it feels like an INVASION.

An invasion of what you ask?
Noisy, peeping CHICKS!

And we can't even play with them!
The male person built a big box with a lid so we can't get in with them and eat them pet them. 
Can you believe it?

I was the first to check them out.

Then Harry figured out something was going on and he joined me.

I have to admit I wasn't to sure about them at first and let Harry get closer.

He jumped right up on the big box!

He is adventuresome, that Harry!

I looked from the freezer 'cause I didn't want to get yelled at by the male person.

But he didn't yell at Harry!
Not even when Harry checked out the box the chicks came in - they come in the mail you know.

Boy, is that Harry brave!
Then Pumpkin decided to see what was in the big box.

He didn't care all that much and just went on with his day.
Not Harry, though.

He spent most of the day just watching his dinner new friends.
I wonder what they think of him?
Especially this years exotic chick...

A White Crested Black Polish.
The publicist is very excited about this chicken.
She has always wanted what she calls a "hairy" chicken. It will look like this when it gets bigger...

 Image from HERE
For now she says it looks like a chick with a cotton ball glued to its head.

I think the publicist is a little bit silly.
Harry is STILL watching the chicks.
I think Harry is a little bit silly.

Stinky did not care one bit.


  1. i think harry is a little bit hungry! what perfect entertainment for the farm cats. it's like cat tv!

  2. I like to think of Harry as their furry guardian angel, watching over them.

    That cotton ball chick is too silly looking! I'd love to see pictures of him growing up and into that silly looking chicken!

  3. We have one of those crested ones living here. She is very silly looking even as an adult. Hope Harry enjoys his entertainment and sticks to mice for lunch.

  4. Great post, the cotton ball chick! hope you cats have a great time watching the chicks. Just watching, right, Harry?

  5. If we were in the yurt those chicks would have to learn how to swim...on account of all the dribble!

  6. I'm sure Harry would find the chicks quite tasty -- once he figured out how to sort out the fuzzy parts!

  7. ewwww baby chicks fun fun fun,, and how cool is that White Crested Black Polish!!!

  8. i intend to go out the way i came in.....with absolutely nothing.

  9. Oh how exciting!! Chickies!!! How fun, the hairy fellow is handsome.

    BTW-fixed my stupid link, not sure what happened. A glitch of many to come..I'm sure!

  10. I can't believe your humans ordered all that prey and you are not allowed to hunt them. That totally makes NO sense!

  11. That looks like pure catertainment! And I am seeing that Polish being way cool but hope he does not end up in the POT! He he

  12. Cats and chicks are a dangerous combination. I love the brooder set up you have. Very nice.

  13. I bet that is driving them nuts! My cats would be bonkers.

  14. We never get fun things like that in our mail! Those little chicks look like a lot of fun to watch!

  15. That is one big herd of chicks. Sure hope Harry doesn't get through that wire. The chick with the cotton ball on his head is kind of silly looking but we are glad the publicist is happy with that one. That sure is great entertainment for you kitties. Better than Bird TV.

  16. oh my goodness! i don't know who's cuter - the chickies or the cats!

    Glad i came over to say hello! (and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!)

    I LOVE YOUR HOUSE!!! (or your human's house...)


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