Friday, May 6, 2011

Farm Cat Friday - Sherpa in the"Wild"

That Sherpa!
He keeps getting outside and he likes to stalk us goats!
It's true.

He thinks we don't see him, but we know he is there.

His orange fur is very visible against the green grass.
Even when he is "stalking"...

Silly Sherpa!
He did try and make friends with Sarah the goat.

But that did not go too well.

I guess he will just have to sit and watch us. And maybe wave hello.

We are not going to get too close to him!


  1. Our goats do not like our kitty,Oscar Peterson, either! He always tries to come in the goat pen and be friendly but then someone always tries to butt him! Well...that is the goatie way after all!

  2. Our goat tries to butt us too so don't feel badly Sherpa. But maybe you should stay in your nice home. You sure are a handsome boy Sherpa. Hope all of you have a great week end.

  3. Aw, poor Sherpa! And he was trying to be friendly. Sheesh.

    I for one, do not see you stalking in the grass, Sherpa. Orange kitties blend so well with their surroundings--sorta like chameleons!

  4. I think Sherpa is adorable. I know goats and cats typically don't mix but maybe you can make an exception for Sherpa since he wants to be friends so badly.

  5. That's so sweet Sherpa tried to make friends with Sarah! His tail is so poofy. We're impressed he is so good outside because our mommy thinks we'd bolt if we were able to go outside.

    Angel & Isabella

  6. I didn't realize Sherpa's tail is so floofy!

  7. Sherpa, I guess you already know that goat headbutts are VERY different from kitty headbutts!

  8. Sherpa, perhaps it's just not meant to be with you and the Goats. Sad but true. Nice tail, btw!

  9. We like to nibble on the orange kitties here! Their tails are fuzzy and fun to taste. You should try it!


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