Friday, May 13, 2011

Farm Cat Friday - Chillaxin'

If there is one thing a Farm cat know how to do it's relax.
And Sherpa is the King of relaxing.

He has found that he likes to sit on the publicist's bench and watch the river!

Can you imagine such a thing?
Silly Sherpa.

He sure does look at home, though, doesn't he?
He spends his time watching the birdies and lounging.

I think he could get a Gold Medal in lounging.
What do you think?

He also sometimes plays peek-a-kitty.

It's a tough life for a Farm cat!


  1. Yay, Blogger is back! I knew it couldn't stay down for Farm Cat Friday!!!

    We cats could teach EVERYONE, including goats, lessons in lounging!

  2. have lounging down to a science. and to all of you goaties....the only thing that eats more than you is blogspot. it ate a LOT yesterday!

  3. He looks so happy and comfortable! What a fabulous cat seat. Maybe the publicist should get him a cushion.

  4. Yup that Sherpa sure has it hard. We have a swing too and our kitties like to sit in it and swing away. You are too cute Sherpa and you sure have the easy life there with all those cute goats.

  5. Maybe that's his style for basking.

  6. Oh, and we think he knows how handsome he is, too! Mommy is having a squee attack.

  7. Oh, Sherpa--that is too funny!! But move over, pally--I'm coming over to sit with you on that swing!! Looks just lovely there. :)

  8. Sherpa has a great Farm life! He sure gets out a lot lately too!


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