Saturday, May 14, 2011

Checking in with Brewster and a SURPRISE!

I haven't talked about little Brewster in a bit now.
When there are baby goats around the boys of the Farm tend to get neglected.
Brewster is growing up big and strong!

He likes to spend his days up on the goat house.

This way he can see what is going on all around in his world.
But every so often a buck has his attention distracted.

He needs to jump down from all that surveying.
Something important is calling his name!

What could it be?

Of course!



Buster Brown!
Sarah had her kid on Wednesday!
It was a surprise. The publicist and male person went into the barn and there he was.
With all the blogger problems the announcement was delayed until today!
There will more photos tomorrow.


  1. Welcome Buster! He's adorable!!! Brewster is looking quite FINE! Love that beard! Woo hoo!

  2. Oh he is a cute little button! Adorable!

  3. Oh look at Buster Brown. He is so cute. What a nice surprise for the publicist and family.
    Brewster you look fantastic. You really have grown up a lot and are looking like a great daddy to be. We sure are glad to see you again.
    Can't wait to see more photos of Buster Brown.

  4. Brewster is growing up to be a fine little studly!

    And Buster Brown is simply adorable -- love his color!

  5. Brewster has really grown up! He's a handsome buck!

    Buster Brown is so cute! What a fun surprise!

  6. what a cool surprise! and buster brown is the perfect name! he sure is cute. lot's of fun on the farm these days

  7. Brewster is getting BIG!! All the food he eats...

    Wee Buster Brown is adorable, can't wait to see more tomorrow. Baby goats are so different from kittens!

  8. I can tell that little Buster already has a mind of his own!


Maaaaaa away....


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