Tuesday, May 24, 2011

AbbyDay - I Told the Kids to Get a Drink From Pricilla

Sometimes it is hard being a nanny.
The twins are growing and they are always looking for milk.

They drink, drink, drink. Burp and drink some more.

This nanny is getting tired.
I have taught them to eat hay and to nibble the tasty green grass that is growing.
They are growing big and strong.

They will soon not need me any more and I know I will be sad.
But right now I need a break.

So I told the twins to go see Pricilla.

She does not have any milk but the twins do not know that.
She just showed them some goat yoga.

They looked for some milk...but of course they didn't find any.

They were still hungry when they came back.
But it got them away from me for a while!
No one ever said Abbygoat was a stupid goat.


  1. i know that feeling only too well!

  2. Hee hee Abby! Pricilla is sure limber! Your little girls are adorable!

  3. Very good strategy to have them visit their grandnanny! Minnie always looks after her grandkids!

  4. oh so cute! those twins are adorable, but yes, i'd need a break too!

  5. Kids! All they want to do is eat and play. What a way to live. :)

  6. I remember those days well. Sometimes you just need a little break. I am sure you fed them when they returned.

  7. They are really growing fast aren't they. They look very sturdy!

    We have a new kid as of just a bit ago ourselves!

  8. They are getting bigger, that is for sure. Good idea Abby to send them over to pick on Pricilla. After all they are her granddaughters. Hope they don't have to leave you too soon Abby. Have a fun day.

  9. That was pretty sneaky Abby! We don't think Pricilla liked that too much!

  10. Pricilla certainly did not look all that happy about her grandkids looking for milk! That was tricky of you, Abby, and maybe just a tad mean!


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