Tuesday, May 3, 2011

AbbyDay - AbbyDay Returns and is Now on Tuesdays!

I am not sure about this.
I had to give my day up TO THE FARM CATS?!
I am now to post on TUESDAYS?

The publicist tried to make it sound important like I would be giving people a kick on the second day of the week and that I would be the very first goat people would see as they got over Mondayitis but I am not fooled.

I am Abbygoat and I am smarter than that.
She gave MY day to the Farm Cats and now she needs to "fit me in" somewhere so she just picked any ole day.

Pfffft again!

WELL! I will just make Tuesday the best day on the blog.
So there!

As you all know I had two of the most beautiful does in the world while I was out on my maternity leave, Thelma and Louise.
I have been teaching them all of the things a goat needs to know to get along in this world.

We were out grazing the other day and I took them to the weed bush so they could play.
They sure enjoyed themselves!

There are rocks to climb and lots of places to hop. It's important they learn to do these things. If they are ever chased they will have the skills to escape

I have smart girls!
Then I showed them how to nibble on bark for the tastiest bits.

I think I look wonderful - I have lost all of my kid weight.
I took the girls to many places this day. It was wonderful to be out in the sun with my kids.

I hope to have many more days like this.
Summer is coming!

I have a very SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT!! We have a very special goat friend Isobelle Golightly the Beautiful Goat. She has a blog too! Lately she has told the tale of her lady's little dog, Kezia. Poor little Kezia needs an operation and it's a very expensive one so a lot of us goats on the internet (and some humans too) are getting together to try and help raise some money. So for the next month (from 5/3 to 6/3) 10% of all of Pricilla's soap sales will go towards Kezia's surgery.  So now is the time to shop!


  1. You are doing a very good job with your girls! You understand the importance of brains to go along with all that beauty! It is wonderful you all are trying to help Kezia!

  2. i sure wish i could have lost my baby fat as fast as you did!

  3. That's just about the most beautiful goatie family I've ever seen!

  4. Abby you are a fabulous mom. I am so impressed you have lost all your kid weight. My youngest kid is 8 years old and I am still carrying some of my kid weight.

  5. No matter what day is Abby day, you are the best mom. You also got the very important job of announcing the great fundraiser for Kezia! Abby Day is a great day!

  6. My lady thanks you all so much for thinking about her and wee Kezia! Such lovely people out there in Blogland!

    Abby, I think you have the shiniest black coat I've ever seen, and your girls are gorgeous. xoxoxoxo

  7. Abby, you are the bestest Mom. We love your kids and we sure are glad you have a day on the blog again. Who cares what day of the week it is. Those little kids are getting so smart and are learning all kinds of goat things. Take care.

  8. I think Tuesdays are much better days for good Mom goats than Fridays! Um, yeah.

  9. Oh my heavens! T and L are ADORABLE!!!!!

  10. Abby, you certainly are the best goat mom ever! And I would love to borrow a snuzzle of one one of your kids! ;)

  11. We think Tuesday is a good day for AbbyDay and we're glad you're back! You are a very good nanny Abby and your does are adorable! We hope Pricilla has a big soap sale month to help little Kezia!

  12. Tuesday is a great day. And those little fluffy does are adorable!


Maaaaaa away....


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