Sunday, April 3, 2011

Silly Sunday - This Chicken Had Better Watch Out

The rest of us does were just standing around when we saw this

That hen had better watch out.
Does it not realize it is on ABBY'S back?!

Stupid chicken!
Would you want to mess around with THIS Goat Stare of Death?!

Not to mention that she is just about due to have her kid(s) and she is a bit, erm, cranky.

We are about to start our Goat Yoga class so that chicken had better hop to!

A relaxed Abby is a nicer Abby.

Now we can ALL enjoy our yoga class.


  1. Goat Yoga... now that sounds like fun! We got 8 inches of snow on Friday... NOw that was not fun.. I tired shovelling yesterday it was like slopping wet concrete! I gave up after I did the steps!

  2. Gzeeks! That chicken did look comfy on Abby' beams. That goat stare of death looked rather evil too. Make sure you get the Publicist to wash off the dirty chicken feet marks! Tee hee.

  3. goat taxi.....charge for the ride!

  4. I want Goat Yoga class pictures! But stupid chicken better stay off Abby's back, for sure, because that stare of death means business. One serious head butt and chicken will end up surrounded by veggies and a great rice side! Come visit when you can... always enjoy comment love.

  5. That chicken has no idea how lucky she is! I'm amazed she lived to tell her tale.

  6. Looks like that chicken had a good ride Abby. When are you going to pop out those kids?? We hope soon. Take care.

  7. That chicken was very lucky to get away! Was it implying that Abby is as big as a horse? Not a smart chicken.

  8. That chicken should have known better!

    P.S. I did not know goats did yoga! Did the farm cats teach you?

  9. Goat yoga is a must for every expecting goat! Or so the goat experts say. Namaste!


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